Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Developer Reference Release 10.0(x)
Skill Group API
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Skill Group API

Skill Group API

A skill group is a collection of agents who share a common set of competencies that equip them to handle the same types of requests. Some examples of skill groups are a collection of agents who speak a specific language or who can assist callers with billing questions.

Use the Skill Group API to list, view, or edit existing skill groups.


Access to this API is different for supervisors and administrators. For more information, see Access.




  • get: Returns one skill group, using the URL https://<server>/unifiedconfig/config/skillgroup/<id>.
  • list: Retrieves a list of skill groups.
    • Query Parameters:
      • selectedAgentCount: Use this query parameter to augment skill group information about multiple agents. The selectedAgentCount parameter shows the number of specified agents belonging to that skill group. For example, to find out how many of agents 5000, 5001, 5002, and 5003 belong to each of the skill groups in the list, add selectedAgentCount=5000,5001,5002,5003.


        Using selectedAgentCount automatically sets the summary list query parameter to true.

      • Summary list: See list.
  • update: Updates one skill group.


  • refURL: The refURL of the skill group. See Shared Parameters.
  • name: The name of the skill group. See Shared Parameters.
  • changeStamp: See Shared Parameters.
  • description: See Shared Parameters.
  • mediaRoutingDomain: A reference to the media routing domain (Media Routing Domain API) including the name and refURL. See References.
    • Defaults to Cisco_Voice MRD if this parameter is not provided.
    • This reference cannot be updated.
  • agents: A collection of agents assigned to the skill group (See Agent API). References also include firstName, lastName, agentId, and agentTeam (which includes the team name and refURL). See References.
    • canRemove: This parameter only appears for supervisors. It indicates whether or not the supervisor has permission to remove the agent from this skill group. The supervisor can remove the agent from the skill group if the agent belongs to a team of this supervisor.
  • agentCount: Read-only parameter containing the number of agents having the skill.
  • selectedAgentCount: Read-only field. Indicates the number of specified agents belonging to the skill group. Returned only when using the selectedAgentCount query parameter.
  • bucketInterval: A reference to the bucket interval (Bucket Interval API). Includes the name and refURL. See References.
  • serviceLevelThreshold: Maximum time in seconds that a caller should wait before being connected with an agent. Positive integers only, or blank.
  • serviceLevelType: This value indicates how the system calculates the service level.
    • 1: Ignore Abandoned Calls (default).
    • 2: Abandoned Calls have Negative Impact.
    • 3: Abandoned Calls have Positive Impact.

Search and Sort Values

The following table shows the parameters that are searched and the parameters that are sortable.

Search parameters Sort parameters
  • name
  • description
  • name (default)
  • description
  • serviceLevelThreshold
  • serviceLevelType
  • peripheralNumber

See Search and Sort.

For more information on search restrictions, see Search.

Example Get Response

    <description>test skill group</description>