Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Developer Reference Release 10.0(x)
Administrator API
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Administrator API

Administrator API

An administrator is an Active Directory user who has been provided access to the system.

Use the Administrator API to list the administrators currently defined in the database, define new administrators, and view, edit, and delete existing administrators.




  • create: Creates one administrator.
  • delete: Permanently deletes one administrator.
  • get: Returns one administrator, using the URL https://<server>/unifiedconfig/config/administrator/<id>.
  • list: Retrieves a list of administrators.
  • update: Updates one administrator.


  • refURL: The refURL of the administrator. See Shared Parameters.
  • changeStamp: See Shared Parameters.
  • description: See Shared Parameters.
  • userName: Required. The unique username of an existing Active Directory account. Maximum length of 64 characters.
  • domainName: The domain for this administrator. If blank, system uses the default domain name. Maximum length of 64 characters.
  • customer: A reference to a customer, including the refURL.
  • readOnly: Required. Specifies whether the administrator has read-only access to the APIs and tools. Values are true/false.

Search and Sort Values

The following table shows the parameters that are searched and the parameters that are sortable.

Search parameters Sort parameters
  • userName
  • domainName
  • description
  • userName
  • domainName
  • description

See Search and Sort.

Example Get Response