Report Template Reference Guide For Cisco Unified Intelligence Center, Release 9.0(2)
IVR Reports
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IVR Reports

IVR Reports

IVR Ports Performance Historical

Use this report to determine the business of the Cisco IVR and to evaluate information like percentage busy to help with IVR capacity planning.

Query: This report data is built from a Database Query.

Views: This report only has a grid view.

Grouping: This report is grouped by IVR Ports.

Value List: Trunk

Database Schema Tables from which data is retrieved: Trunk Group and Trunk_Group_Half_Hour.

Current Fields in the IVR Ports Performance Historical Grid View

Current fields are those fields that appear by default in a grid view report generated from the stock template.

Column (Field)


IVR Ports

The name of the IVR port used by the trunk group.

Derived from: Trunk_Group.EnterpriseName.


The date and time of the selected row's data in MM/DD/YYYY (month, day, year) and HH:MM:SS (hour, minute, second) format.

Derived from: Trunk_Group_Half_Hour.DateTime.


The number of ports in the group in service at the end of the interval.

Derived from: Trunk_Group_Half_Hour.TrunksInService.

% Busy

The percentage of time that the trunk groups in service were in use in the interval (for Inbound Only).

Derived from: Trunk_Group_Half_Hour.InUseInboundTime / Trunk_Group_Half_Hour.InServiceTime.

All Ports Busy

The total time, in HH:MM:SS (hours, minutes, seconds), in the interval, that all ports in the group were busy.

Derived from: Trunk_Group_Half_Hour.AllTrunksBusy.

Report Summary

This report has a Group Summary for each IVR Port for each interval. It also has a Report Summary showing all fields for all IVR Ports. For more information, see Report Summary Rows.

Available Fields in the IVR Ports Performance Historical Grid View

Additional Available fields for this template are populated from the Trunk Group and Trunk_Group_Half_Hour tables as documented in the at http:/​/​​c/​en/​us/​support/​customer-collaboration/​unified-contact-center-enterprise/​products-technical-reference-list.html.

Sample IVR Ports Performance Historical Report

This illustration is a sample of the report generated from the IVR Ports Performance Historical Report template.

Figure 1. IVR Ports Performance Report