Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Design Guide, Release 10.0(1)
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Change History

Date Change


Initial publication. This guide replaces the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Solution Reference Network Design. Major changes from Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Solution Reference Network Design:

  • Transformed Deployments, Design considerations for high availability, and Unified CCE desktop deployment scenarios chapters to reflect changes in technology and practices.
  • Applied changes to reflect the change to only virtual deployments.
  • Gathered information on Parent/Child deployments and the Cisco Agent Desktop into appendixes.
  • Added System requirements and constraints appendix to hold certain information that was in the retired Hardware and System Software Specification (Bill of Materials) for Cisco Unified ICM/Contact Center Enterprise & Hosted


Updated the Bandwidth Requirements for Finesse Client to Finesse Server section with requirements for Cisco Finesse Release 10.0(1) and information about caching.


Moved compatibility information on specific phone models to the Compatibility Matrix.


Updated link to Unified CCE Central Controller to Unified CM PG calculator and Unified CCE Central Controller to Unified IP IVR or Unified CVP PG calculator.


Added the All-Event Client and Monitor-Mode Connection Limits to System requirements and constraints appendix.


Updates to All-Event Client limits

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