Cisco Unified Real-Time Monitoring Tool Administration Guide for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express and Cisco Unified IP IVR Release 9.0(1)
Display messages in SysLog Viewer
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Display messages in SysLog Viewer

Display messages in SysLog Viewer

To display messages in SysLog Viewer, perform the following procedure:

    Step 1   Perform one of the following tasks:
    1. On the Quick Launch Channel
      • Click System.
      • In the tree hierarchy, double-click Tools.
      • Click the Syslog Viewer icon.
    2. Choose System > Tools > SysLog Viewer > Open SysLog Viewer.
    Step 2   From the Select a Node drop-down list box, choose the server where the logs that you want to view are stored.
    Step 3   Click the tab for the logs that you want to view.
    Step 4   After the log displays, double-click the log icon to list the file names in the same window.

    If some syslog messages do not appear in the window, scrolling the mouse pointer over the missing syslog messages refreshes the display.

    Step 5   To view the contents of the file at the bottom of the window, click the file name.
    Step 6   Click the entry that you want to view.
    Step 7   To view the complete syslog message, double-click the syslog message.

    CiscoSyslog messages also display the syslog definition, which includes recommended actions, in an adjacent pane when you double-click the syslog message. You do not have to access the Alarm Definitions in Cisco Unified Serviceability for this information.

    You can also use the buttons described in the following table to view the syslog messages:


    To make a column larger or smaller, drag the arrow that displays when your mouse hovers between two column headings.


    You can order the messages by clicking a column heading. The first time that you click a column heading, the records display in ascending order. A small triangle pointing up indicates ascending order. If you click the column heading again, the records display in descending order. A small triangle pointing down indicates descending order. If you click the column heading one more time, the records displays in the unsorted state.


    You can filter the results by choosing an option in the Filter By drop-down list box. To remove the filter, click Clear Filter. All logs display after you clear the filter.

    Table 1 Syslog viewer buttons




    Updates the contents of the current log on the syslog viewer.

    Tip    You can enable the syslog viewer to automatically update the syslog messages every 5 seconds by checking the Auto Refresh check box.


    Clears the display of the current log.


    Limits the messages that displayed base on the set of options that you select.

    Clear Filter

    Removes the filter that limits the type of messages that display.


    Allows you to search for a particular string in the current log.


    Saves the currently selected log on your PC

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