Cisco Unified Presence Server Serviceability Administration Guide, Release 1.0(1)
Serviceability Reports Archive Configuration
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Serviceability Reports Archive Configuration

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Serviceability Reports Archive Configuration

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Serviceability Reports Archive Configuration

The Serviceability Reports Archive window allows you to view reports generated by the Serviceability Reporter service. The Serviceability Reporter service generates reports at the time the you specify in the Serviceability Reporter service parameters in Cisco Unified Presence Server Administration.

This section describes how to use the Serviceability Reports Archive window.

Before you Begin

Activate the Cisco Serviceability Report service. Because the Serviceability Reporter service is CPU intensive, Cisco recommends that you activate the service on a non-callprocessing server.


Step 1 Choose Tools > Serviceability Reports Archive.

The Serviceability Reports Archive window displays the month and year for which the reports are available.

Step 2 From the Month-Year group box, choose the month for which you want to display reports.

The month and year that you chose displays.

Step 3 To view reports, click the link that corresponds to the day for which RTMT generated reports.

The report files for the day that you chose display.

Step 4 To view a particular PDF report, click the link of the report that you want to view.

A window opens and displays the PDF file of the report that you chose.

Note To view PDF reports, you must install Acrobat ® Reader on your machine. To download Acrobat Reader, click the link in the bottom, right corner of the window.

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