Administration Guide for Cisco Business Edition 3000, Release 8.6(4)
Voicemail Notification Settings
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Voicemail Notification Settings

Voicemail Notification Settings

GUI: Cisco Business Edition 3000 Administrative Interface

Voicemail Notification feature allows you to enable the voicemail notification through email. The following table describes the settings on the System Settings > Voicemail Notification page using the Cisco Business Edition 3000 Administrative Interface.

Table 1 Settings on Voicemail Notification page



Voicemail Notification via Email Information

Disable voicemail notification

Select this option to disable the voicemail notification on your system. By default, voicemail notification configuration is disabled.

Enable IMAP email clients access

Select this option to enable the IMAP email clients to receive voicemail notification messages.

Enable voicemail notification messages to be sent via an SMTP email server

Select this option to enable to send voicemail notification messages through an SMTP email server. The Outgoing Email Server field and Forward Undelivered Emails to Email Address fields are enabled. SMTP server does not require authentication.

After you select SMTP email server, specify the following:
  • Outgoing Email Server— Specify the outgoing SMTP email server name to send the voicemail notification messages.
  • Forward Undelivered Emails to Email Address— Specify the email address to which the undelivered mails will be sent. The email address must be in format <username>@<domain>.com.The username and domain can only contain alphanumeric characters (a,b,1,2), special characters such as periods (.), underscores (_), and hyphens (-).
Click Send Test Email to send a test email using the configured settings. You must receive an email notification from the system.

An error message appears if the specified outgoing email server or email address is invalid.


The Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) on the phone does not turn off when you read the voicemail through email. However, with the IMAP client access, the MWI turns off when you read the voicemail through the IMAP client.


Click Save to save the voicemail notification settings.


Click Reset to discard the changes and revert to the previously saved settings.