Cisco UCS Server Configuration Utility User Guide, Release 3.1(3)
Viewing Server Health
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Viewing Server Health

Viewing Server Health

This chapter includes the following sections:

About Server Health

With the Server Health functionality, you can view the health of all the subsystems of your server (such as memory, processor, power supply, hard disk, fans, chipset, and CIMC) along with the status and message of a specific subsystem.

Viewing Server Health

To view the health of your server, follow these steps:

    Step 1   Click the Server health tab in the left navigation pane.

    The server health displays in the right-hand content pane, along with the status and message for a specific subsystem.

    Step 2   Click Probe Server from the toolbar to view the latest status of the subsystem. Click Server Health again to refresh the page after clicking on probe server.
    Step 3   Click the line corresponding to a subsystem to view details of your server health in the Server Health Details pane.

    The message column in the server health pane displays the first issue corresponding to the subsystem. If the subsystem has multiple issues, they will appear in the Server Health Details pane.