Cisco UCS Manager CLI Command Reference, Release 2.1
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acknowledge chassis
acknowledge fault
acknowledge fex
acknowledge primary fabric-interconnect reboot
acknowledge server
acknowledge slot
activate firmware
activate firmware (/management-extension)
activate firmware (fabric)
activate internal firmware
add alertgroups
add backup action
add privilege
apply pending-changes immediate
associate server
associate server-pool


backup sel


cancel install infra
clear alertgroups
clear auth-server-group
clear backup action
clear cores
clear file
clear license
clear message
clear password-history
clear sel (/chassis/server)
clear sshkey
cluster force primary
cluster lead
connect adapter
connect bmc
connect clp
connect iom
connect local-mgmt
connect nxos
create adapter
create auth-domain
create auth-profile
create auth-server-group
create auto-target-if
create backup
create bios-policy
create bladeserver-disc-policy
create block
create boot-definition
create boot-policy
create boot-target
create c
create cap-qual
create certreq
create chassis
create class
create class chassis-stats
create class cmc-stats
create class cpu-env-stats
create class dimm-env-stats
create class dimm-stats
create class env-stats
create class ether-error-stats
create class ether-if-stats
create class ether-loss-stats
create class ether-pause-stats
create class ether-rx-stats
create class ether-tx-stats
create class ethernet-port-err-stats
create class ethernet-port-multicast-stats
create class ethernet-port-over-under-sized-stats
create class ethernet-port-stats
create class ethernet-port-stats-by-size-large-packets
create class ethernet-port-stats-by-size-small-packets
create class fan-module-stats
create class fan-stats
create class fc-error-stats
create class fc-if-event-stats
create class fc-if-fc4-count
create class fc-if-frame-stats
create class fc-port-stats
create class fc-stats
create class fex-env-stats
create class fex-power-summary
create class fex-psu-input-stats
create class io-card-stats
create class mb-power-stats
create class mb-temp-stats
create class memory-array-env-stats
create class memory-runtime
create class menlo-dce-port-stats
create class menlo-eth-error-stats
create class menlo-eth-stats
create class menlo-fc-error-stats
create class menlo-host-port-stats
create class menlo-mcpu-error-stats
create class menlo-mcpu-stats
create class menlo-net-in-stats
create class menlo-q-error-stats
create class menlo-q-stats
create class motherboard-temp-stats
create class pcie-fatal-completion-error-stats
create class pcie-fatal-error-stats
create class pcie-fatal-protocol-error-stats
create class pcie-fatal-receiving-error-stats
create class processor-runtime
create class psu-input-stats
create class psu-stats
create class rack-unit-fan-stats
create class rack-unit-psu-stats
create class system-stats
create class vnic-stats
create client
create cluster
create control-ep policy
create cpu
create data-center
create default-auth
create default-behavior
create dest-interface
create destination
create dhcp-ip-params
create distributed-virtual-switch
create dns
create dynamic-vnic-conn
create dynamic-vnic-conn-policy
create egress-policy
create eth-if
create eth-if (vnic-iscsi)
create eth-mon-session
create eth-policy
create eth-target
create ext-static-ip
create fault-suppress-task
create fc-mon-session
create fc-policy
create fcoe-if
create fcoe-member-port
create fcoe-port-channel
create fcoeinterface
create folder
create fw-host-pack
create fw-mgmt-pack
create hv-conn
create import-config
create initiator (/initiator-group)
create initiator (/wwn-pool)
create initiator-group
create interface
create interface fc
create interface fcoe
create ip-if
create ip-pool
create ipmi-access-profile
create ipmi-user
create iqn-pool
create iscsi
create iscsi-policy
create keyring
create lan
create lan-connectivity-policy
create ldap-group
create ldap-group-rule
create local
create local-disk-config
create local-disk-config-policy
create local-schedule
create local-user
create locale
create lun
create mac-pool
create mac-security
create maint-policy
create mcast-policy
create member-fcoe-port-channel
create member-port
create member-port (/port-channel)
create member-port fc
create member-port fcoe
create member-port-channel
create member-vlan
create memory
create mon-src
create network (/eth-uplink/port-profile)
create network (/profile-set/port-profile)
create ntp-server
create nw-ctrl-policy
create occurrence (/local-schedule)
create occurrence one-time
create occurrence recurring
create org
create org-ref
create pack-image
create path
create path (iscsi)
create physical-qual
create pin-group
create policy
create pooled-ip-params
create pooling-policy
create port-channel
create port-profile (/eth-uplink)
create port-profile (/profile-set)
create power-control-policy
create power-group
create processor
create profile
create qos-policy
create rack
create role
create san-connectivity-policy
create san-image
create schedule
create scrub-policy
create server
create server (/org/server-pool)
create server-autoconfig-policy
create server-disc-policy
create server-inherit-policy
create server-pool
create server-qual
create server-ref
create service-profile
create slot
create snmp-trap
create snmp-user
create sol-config
create sol-policy
create static-ip-params
create static-target-if
create stats-threshold-policy
create storage
create storage-connection-def
create storage-connection-policy
create storage-target
create threshold-value
create trustpoint
create uuid-suffix-pool
create vcenter
create vcon
create vcon-assign
create vcon-policy
create vhba
create vhba-templ
create virtual-media
create vlan
create vlan (/port-profile)
create vlan-group
create vlan-group-permit
create vlan-permit
create vnic
create vnic-egress-policy
create vnic-iscsi
create vnic-templ
create vsan
create wwn-pool


decommission chassis
decommission fex
decommission server
decommission server (chassis)
delete adapter
delete auth-domain
delete auth-profile
delete auth-server-group
delete auto-target-if
delete backup
delete bladeserver-disc-policy
delete block
delete boot-definition
delete boot-policy
delete boot-target
delete cap-qual
delete certreq
delete chassis
delete class chassis-stats
delete class cpu-env-stats
delete class dimm-env-stats
delete class dimm-stats
delete class env-stats
delete class ether-error-stats
delete class ether-if-stats
delete class ether-loss-stats
delete class ether-pause-stats
delete class ether-rx-stats
delete class ether-tx-stats
delete class ethernet-port-err-stats
delete class ethernet-port-multicast-stats
delete class ethernet-port-over-under-sized-stats
delete class ethernet-port-stats
delete class ethernet-port-stats-by-size-large-packets
delete class ethernet-port-stats-by-size-small-packets
delete class fan-module-stats
delete class fan-stats
delete class fc-error-stats
delete class fc-port-stats
delete class fc-stats
delete class fex-env-stats
delete class fex-power-summary
delete class fex-psu-input-stats
delete class io-card-stats
delete class mb-power-stats
delete class mb-temp-stats
delete class memory-array-env-stats
delete class motherboard-temp-stats
delete class pcie-fatal-completion-error-stats
delete class pcie-fatal-error-stats
delete class pcie-fatal-protocol-error-stats
delete class pcie-fatal-receiving-error-stats
delete class psu-input-stats
delete class psu-stats
delete class rack-unit-fan-stats
delete class rack-unit-psu-stats
delete class system-stats
delete class vnic-stats
delete client
delete cluster
delete control-ep policy
delete cpu
delete data-center
delete default-auth
delete default-behavior
delete dest-interface
delete destination
delete dhcp-ip-params
delete distributed-virtual-switch
delete dns
delete download-task
delete dynamic-vnic-conn
delete dynamic-vnic-conn-policy
delete egress-policy
delete eth-if
delete eth-mon-session
delete eth-policy
delete eth-target
delete ext-static-ip
delete fault-suppress-task
delete fc-mon-session
delete fc-policy
delete fcoe-member-port
delete fcoe-port-channel
delete fcoeinterface
delete folder
delete fw-host-pack
delete fw-mgmt-pack
delete image
delete import-config
delete initiator
delete initiator-group
delete interface
delete interface fc
delete interface fcoe
delete ip-if
delete ipmi-access-profile
delete ipmi-user
delete iqn-pool
delete iscsi
delete iscsi-policy
delete keyring
delete lan
delete lan-co
delete ldap-group
delete ldap-group-rule
delete local
delete local-disk-config
delete local-disk-config-policy
delete local-schedule
delete local-user
delete locale
delete lun
delete mac-pool
delete mac-security
delete maint-policy
delete mcast-policy
delete member-fcoe-port-channel
delete member-port
delete member-port fc
delete member-port fcoe
delete member-port-channel
delete member-vlan
delete memory
delete mon-src
delete network
delete network (/profile-set/port-profile)
delete ntp-server
delete nwctrl-policy
delete occurrence one-time
delete occurrence recurring
delete org
delete org-ref
delete pack-image
delete path
delete path (iscsi)
delete pending-deletion
delete physical-qual
delete pin-group
delete policy
delete pooled-ip-params
delete pooling-policy
delete port-channel
delete port-profile (profile-set)
delete power-control-policy
delete power-group
delete processor
delete profile
delete qos-policy
delete rack
delete remote-user
delete role
delete san-connectivity-policy
delete san-image
delete scheduler
delete scrub-policy
delete server
delete server (/security)
delete server-autoconfig-policy
delete server-disc-policy
delete server-inherit-policy
delete server-pool
delete server-qual
delete server-ref
delete service-profile
delete slot
delete snmp-trap
delete snmp-user
delete sol-config
delete sol-policy
delete static-ip-params
delete static-target-if
delete stats-threshold-policy
delete storage
delete storage-connection-def
delete storage-connection-policy
delete storage-target
delete target
delete threshold-value
delete tru
delete user-sessions
delete user-sessions local
delete user-sessions remote
delete uuid-suffix-pool
delete vcenter
delete vcon
delete vcon-policy
delete vhba
delete vhba-templ
delete virtual-media
delete vlan
delete vlan-group
delete vlan-group-permit
delete vlan-permit
delete vnic
delete vnic-iscsi
delete vnic-templ
delete vsan
delete wwn-pool
disable (distributed-virtual-switch)
disable (port-channel)
disable cdp
disable cimxml
disable core-export-target
disable http
disable http-redirect
disable https
disable locator-led
disable snmp
disable syslog
disable telnet-server
download image
download license


enable (distributed-virtual-switch)
enable (port-channel)
enable cdp
enable cimxml
enable cluster
enable core-export-target
enable http
enable http-redirect
enable https
enable locator-led
enable snmp
enable syslog
enable telnet-server
enter adapter
enter auth-domain
enter auth-profile
enter auth-server-group
enter auto-target-if
enter backup
enter bladeserver-disc-policy
enter block
enter boot-definition
enter boot-policy
enter boot-target
enter cap-qual
enter chassis
enter class chassis-stats
enter class cpu-env-stats
enter class dimm-env-stats
enter class env-stats
enter class ether-error-stats
enter class ether-loss-stats
enter class ether-pause-stats
enter class ether-rx-stats
enter class ether-tx-stats
enter class ethernet-port-err-stats
enter class ethernet-port-multicast-stats
enter class ethernet-port-over-under-sized-stats
enter class ethernet-port-stats
enter class ethernet-port-stats-by-size-large-packets
enter class ethernet-port-stats-by-size-small-packets
enter class fan-module-stats
enter class fan-stats
enter class fc-error-stats
enter class fc-port-stats
enter class fc-stats
enter class fex-env-stats
enter class fex-power-summary
enter class fex-psu-input-stats
enter class io-card-stats
enter class mb-power-stats
enter class mb-temp-stats
enter class memory-array-env-stats
enter class motherboard-temp-stats
enter class pcie-fatal-completion-error-stats
enter class pcie-fatal-error-stats
enter class pcie-fatal-protocol-error-stats
enter class pcie-fatal-receiving-error-stats
enter class psu-input-stats
enter class rack-unit-fan-stats
enter class rack-unit-psu-stats
enter class system-stats
enter class vnic-stats
enter client
enter cluster
enter control-ep policy
enter cpu
enter data-center
enter default-auth
enter default-behavior
enter dest-interface
enter destination
enter dhcp-ip-params
enter distributed-virtual-switch
enter dynamic-vnic-conn
enter dynamic-vnic-conn-policy
enter egress-policy
enter eth-if
enter eth-if (vnic-iscsi)
enter eth-mon-session
enter eth-policy
enter eth-target
enter ext-static-ip
enter fault-suppress-task
enter fc-mon-session
enter fc-policy
enter fcoe-member-port
enter fcoe-port-channel
enter fcoeinterface
enter folder
enter fw-host-pack
enter fw-mgmt-pack
enter import-config
enter initiator
enter initiator-group
enter interface
enter interface fc
enter interface fcoe
enter ip-if
enter ipmi-access-profile
enter ipmi-user
enter iqn-pool
enter iscsi
enter iscsi-policy
enter keyring
enter lan
enter lan-connectivity-policy
enter ldap-group
enter ldap-group-rule
enter local
enter local-disk-config
enter local-disk-config-policy
enter local-schedule
enter local-user
enter locale
enter lun
enter mac-
enter mac-pool
enter maint-policy
enter mcast-policy
enter member-fcoe-port-channel
enter member-port
enter member-port (/fc-storage/vsan)
enter member-port (/port-channel)
enter member-port fc
enter member-port fcoe
enter member-port-channel
enter member-vlan
enter memory
enter mon-src
enter network
enter nwctrl-policy
enter occurrence one-time
enter occurrence recurring
enter org
enter pack-image
enter path
enter path (iscsi)
enter pin-group
enter policy
enter pooled-ip-params
enter pooling-policy
enter port-channel
enter port-profile (profile-set)
enter power-control-policy
enter power-group
enter processor
enter qos-policy
enter rack
enter san-connectivity-policy
enter scheduler
enter server
enter server-ref
enter static-ip-params
enter static-target-if
enter storage
enter storage-connection-def
enter storage-connection-policy
enter storage-target
enter threshold-value
enter vcenter
enter vcon
enter vcon-policy
enter vlan
enter vlan (port-profile)
enter vlan-group
enter vlan-group-permit
enter vnic
enter vnic-iscsi
enter vsan
erase configuration


install file
install infra infra-version






power down soft-followed-by-hard
power down soft-shut-down


recommission chassis
recommission fex
recommission server
remove alertgroups
remove backup action
remove fex
remove privilege
remove server
reset pers-bind


scope adapter
scope auth-domain
scope auth-profile
scope auth-server-group
scope auto-install
scope auto-target-if
scope backup
scope backup-policy
scope banner
scope beacon-led
scope bios
scope bios-settings
scope bladeserver-disc-policy
scope block
scope bmc
scope boardcontroller
scope boot-definition
scope boot-policy
scope boot-target
scope callhome
scope cap-qual
scope capability
scope card
scope cat-updater
scope cert-store
scope cfg-export-policy
scope chassis
scope chassis (/capability)
scope chassis-conn-policy
scope chassis-disc-policy
scope cimc
scope class chassis-stats
scope class cpu-env-stats
scope class dimm-env-stats
scope class ether-error-stats
scope class ether-loss-stats
scope class ether-pause-stats
scope class ether-rx-stats
scope class ether-tx-stats
scope class ethernet-port-err-stats
scope class ethernet-port-multicast-stats
scope class ethernet-port-over-under-sized-stats
scope class ethernet-port-stats
scope class ethernet-port-stats-by-size-large-packets
scope class ethernet-port-stats-by-size-small-packets
scope class fan-module-stats
scope class fan-stats
scope class fc-error-stats
scope class fc-stats
scope class fex-env-stats
scope class fex-power-summary
scope class fex-psu-input-stats
scope class io-card-stats
scope class memory-array-env-stats
scope class memory-error-correctable-codes-stats
scope class memory-mirroring-error-stats
scope class memory-sparing-error-stats
scope class motherboard-temp-stats
scope class pc-ie-correctable-stats
scope class pcie-fatal-completion-error-stats
scope class pcie-fatal-error-stats
scope class pcie-fatal-protocol-error-stats
scope class pcie-fatal-receiving-error-stats
scope class rack-unit-fan-stats
scope class rack-unit-psu-stats
scope client
scope cluster
scope cluster-set
scope console-auth
scope control-ep policy
scope cpu
scope cpu (/system/capability)
scope data-center
scope default-auth
scope default-behavior
scope dest-interface
scope dhcp-ip-params
scope diag
scope dimm
scope distributed-virtual-switch
scope download-task
scope dynamic-vnic-conn
scope dynamic-vnic-conn-policy
scope egress-policy
scope eth-best-effort
scope eth-classified
scope eth-if
scope eth-if (vnic-iscsi)
scope eth-mon-session
scope eth-policy
scope eth-server
scope eth-storage
scope eth-target
scope eth-traffic-mon
scope eth-uplink
scope ext-eth-if
scope ext-pooled-ip
scope ext-static-ip
scope extension-key
scope fabric
scope fabric-if
scope fabric-interconnect
scope fabric-port-channel
scope fan
scope fan-module
scope fault-suppress-task
scope fc
scope fc-group-def
scope fc-mon-session
scope fc-policy
scope fc-storage
scope fc-traffic-mon
scope fc-uplink
scope fcoe-member-port
scope fcoe-port-channel
scope fcoeinterface
scope fex
scope firmware
scope flow-control
scope folder
scope fw-host-pack
scope fw-mgmt-pack
scope host-eth-if
scope host-eth-if dynamic-mac
scope host-fc-if
scope host-fc-if wwn
scope host-iscsi-if
scope host-port-channel
scope import-config
scope initiator-group
scope instance
scope interface
scope interface fc
scope interface fcoe
scope inventory
scope iom (/fex)
scope iom (/capability)
scope iom (/chassis)
scope ip-if
scope ipmi-access-profile
scope ipmi-user
scope iqn-pool
scope iscsi
scope iscsi-policy
scope lan
scope lan-connectivity-policy
scope ldap
scope ldap-group
scope ldap-group-rule
scope license
scope local-disk-config
scope local-schedule
scope locale
scope lun
scope lun (static-target-if)
scope mac-security
scope maint-policy
scope management-extension
scope mcast-policy
scope member-fcoe-port-channel
scope member-port
scope member-port fc
scope member-port fcoe
scope member-port-channel
scope member-vlan
scope memory-array
scope mon-flt
scope mon-src
scope monitoring
scope network
scope nwctrl-policy
scope occurrence one-time
scope occurrence recurring
scope org
scope password-profile
scope path (iscsi)
scope policy
scope pooled-ip-params
scope port-channel
scope port-profile
scope post-code-reporter
scope post-code-template
scope power-cap-mgmt
scope power-control-policy
scope power-group
scope pre-login-banner
scope priority-weight
scope profile
scope profile-set
scope psu
scope psu-policy
scope qos
scope qos-policy
scope rack
scope rack-mount
scope rackserver-disc-policy
scope radius
scope raid-controller
scope role
scope san-connectivity-policy
scope scheduler
scope security
scope server
scope server (/ldap)
scope server (vm-mgmt)
scope server-if
scope server-qual
scope server-ref
scope service-profile
scope service-profile (/org)
scope services
scope snmp-user
scope static-ip-params
scope static-target-if
scope stats-threshold-policy
scope storage-connection-def
scope storage-connection-policy
scope storage-controller
scope storage-target
scope sys-defaults
scope system
scope tacacs
scope target-vsan
scope threshold-value
scope update
scope vcenter
scope vcon-assign
scope vcon-policy
scope vhba
scope vhba-beh-policy
scope vhba-templ
scope virtual-machine
scope virtual-machine (vm-mgmt)
scope vlan
scope vlan (port-profile)
scope vlan-group
scope vm-life-cycle-policy
scope vm-mgmt
scope vmware
scope vnic
scope vnic-beh-policy
scope vnic-iscsi
scope vnic-templ
scope vsan
scope web-session-limits
scope wwn-pool
set intel-turbo-boost-config
set resume-ac-on-power-loss-config
set account-status
set ackstate
set action
set action (/vnic-beh-policy and /vhba-beh-policy)
set adapter-policy
set addr
set admin-state
set admin-state (beacon-led)
set admin-vcon
set admin-vcon (/service-profile/vcon-assign)
set adminspeed
set adminstate
set aes-128
set agent-policy
set alertgroups
set all
set arch
set assignmentorder
set attribute
set auth
set auth-server-group
set authentication console
set authentication default
set authorization
set authport
set backup action
set backup clear-on-backup
set backup destination
set backup format
set backup hostname
set backup interval
set backup password
set backup protocol
set backup remote-path
set backup user
set backup-policy-ctrl
set basedn
set binddn
set bios-settings-scrub
set blocksize
set boot-option-retry-config retry
set boot-policy
set cap-policy
set cert
set certchain
set certificate
set change-count
set change-during-interval
set change-interval
set cimxml port
set clear password-history
set clear-action
set cli suppress-field-spillover
set cli suppress-headers
set cli table-field-delimiter
set clock (memory)
set clock (system)
set cluster
set collection-interval
set communication-policy-ctrl
set community
set comp-queue count
set concur-tasks
set console-redir-config baud-rate
set console-redir-config console-redir
set console-redir-config flow-control
set console-redir-config legacy-os-redir
set console-redir-config terminal-type
set contact
set contract-id
set core-export-target path
set core-export-target port
set core-export-target server-description
set core-export-target server-name
set correctible-memory-error-log-threshold-config
set cos
set country
set cpu-performance-config cpu-performance
set customer-id
set data-center
set data-center (/client)
set data-center-folder
set date
set datetime-policy-ctrl
set day
set deescalating
set default-gw
set default-net
set defaultzoning
set descr
set descr (vcon-policy)
set description
set destination org
set dhcp-vendor-id
set direct-cache-access-config access
set direction
set disk-scrub
set diskless
set dns
set dns-policy-ctrl
set domain-name
set drop
set dvs
set dynamic-eth
set e-mail (/keyring)
set email
set enforce-vnic-name
set enhanced-intel-speedstep-config
set error-recovery fcp-error-recovery
set error-recovery link-down-timeout
set error-recovery port-down-io-retry-count
set error-recovery port-down-timeout
set error-recovery resource-allocation-timeout
set escalating
set execute-disable bit
set expiration
set expire-warn-interval
set ext-mgmt-ip-state
set fabric
set failover timeout
set fault-policy-ctrl
set fault-suppress-policy
set fc-if name
set fc-zoning
set fcoe-storage-native-vlan
set fcoe-vlan
set file size
set filter
set firstname
set flap-interval
set flow-control-policy
set folder
set folder (/client)
set forged-transmit
set format
set from-email
set front-panel-lockout-config
set history-count
set host
set host-cos-control
set host-fw-policy
set host-nwio-perf
set hostname
set hour
set http port
set https cipher-suite
set https cipher-suite-mode
set https keyring
set https port
set hyper-threading-config
set id
set identity dynamic-mac
set identity dynamic-uuid
set identity dynamic-wwnn
set identity dynamic-wwpn
set identity mac-pool
set identity uuid-suffix-pool
set identity wwnn-pool
set identity wwpn-pool
set infra-pack-ctrl
set intel-vt-config
set intel-vt-directed-io-config
set interrupt coalescing-time
set interrupt coalescing-type
set interrupt count
set interrupt mode
set interval-days
set ip
set ipmi-access-profile
set iqn-prefix
set iscsi-adapter-policy
set iscsi-identity initiator-name
set iscsi-identity initiator-pool-name
set iscsi-protocol-item boottotarget
set iscsi-protocol-item connection-timeout
set iscsi-protocol-item dhcp-timeout
set iscsi-protocol-item hbamode
set iscsi-protocol-item lun-busy-retrycount
set iscsi-protocol-item tcp-time-stamp
set iscsi-targetname
set iscsivnicname
set isnative
set key (extension-key)
set key (server)
set lastname
set level
set link-aggregation-pref
set link-aggregation-pref (/chassis-disc-policy)
set local-disk-policy
set locality
set lun
set lv-dimm-support-config
set mac-aging
set mac-pool
set macaddress
set maint-policy
set mapping-scheme
set max-duration
set max-duration (/fault-suppress-task)
set max-field-size
set max-http-user-sessions
set max-memory-below-4gb-config max-memory
set max-ports
set max-ports-per-node
set max-variable-mtrr-setting-config processor-mtrr
set maxcap
set maxcores
set maximum
set maxprocs
set maxsize
set maxthreads
set mcastpolicy
set member-of-attribute
set memory-mirroring-mode
set memory-ras-config
set memory-sparing-mode sparing-mode
set mep-policy-ctrl
set message
set mgmt-fw-policy
set mgmt-if-mon-policy arp-deadline
set mgmt-if-mon-policy monitor-mechanism
set mgmt-if-mon-policy ping-requests
set mgmt-if-mon-policy poll-interval
set min-interval
set mincap
set mincores
set minprocs
set minthreads
set minute
set mode (eth-uplink)
set mode (fc-uplink)
set mode (fw-pack)
set mode (local-disk)
set model-regex
set module
set modulus
set monitoring-policy-ctrl
set mtu
set mtu (eth-best-effort)
set mtu (vnic)
set multicast-optimize
set multicastoptimize (eth-best-effort)
set name
set native
set no-change-interval
set normal-value
set notificationtype
set numa-config
set numberofblocks
set nw-control-policy
set offload large-receive
set offload tcp-rx-checksum
set offload tcp-segment
set offload tcp-tx-checksum
set onboard-scu-storage-support
set order
set order (device boot order)
set order (vhba pci scan order)
set order (vnic relative order)
set org-name
set org-unit-name
set out-of-band
set overlay-vnic-name
set password
set password (auth-profile)
set password (snmp-user)
set path
set peak
set per-user
set perdiskcap
set pers-bind
set phone
set phone-contact
set pid-regex
set pin-group
set pingroupname
set policy-owner
set pool
set port
set port io-throttle-count
set port max-field-size
set port max-luns
set port-f-logi retries
set port-f-logi timeout
set port-p-logi retries
set port-p-logi timeout
set portmode
set post-error-pause-config port-error-pause
set power-budget committed
set power-control-policy
set powermgmt-policy-ctrl
set preserve-pooled-values
set prio
set priority
set priv-password
set privilege
set proc-cap
set processor-c-state-config c-state
set processor-c1e-config c1e
set processor-c3-report-config
set processor-c6-report-config
set protect
set protocol
set psu-policy-ctrl
set pubnwname
set qos-policy
set qualifier
set querier
set querierip
set quiet-boot-config
set rate
set realloc
set realm
set reboot-on-update
set reboot-policy
set receive
set recv-queue count
set recv-queue ring-size
set redundancy
set refresh-period
set regenerate
set remote-file
set reply-to-email
set reporting-interval
set retention-interval
set retries
set rootdn
set rss receivesidescaling
set schedule (/fault-suppress-task)
set schedule (/org)
set scheduler
set scrub-policy
set scsi-io count
set scsi-io ring-size
set security-policy-ctrl
set send
set send-periodically
set server
set session-timeout
set shared-secret
set sharing
set site-id
set size
set snmp community
set snooping
set sol-policy
set speed
set speed (/eth-mon-session)
set speed (/fc-mon-session)
set speed (Uplink Ethernet Port)
set src-templ-name
set sshkey
set ssl
set state
set stats-policy
set stepping
set storage-conn-policy-name
set street-address
set subject-name
set subnet
set suspendstate
set switch-priority
set syslog console
set syslog file
set syslog min-level
set syslog monitor
set syslog remote-destination
set target
set target (/pin-group)
set target-path
set target-vsan
set template
set template-name
set throttling
set timeofday-hour
set timeofday-minute
set timeout
set timezone
set total
set trans-queue count
set trans-queue ring-size
set trustpoint
set type (backup)
set type (partition)
set type (template)
set uefi-os-legacy-video-config legacy-video
set units
set uplink-fail-action
set uplink-trunking
set usb-boot-config make-device-non-bootable
set usb-front-panel-access-lock-config usb-front-panel-lock
set usb-system-idle-power-optimizing-setting-config usb-idle-power-optimizing
set user
set user-id
set user-label
set userid
set uuid-prefix
set v3privilege
set vc
set vcon
set vcon (/vnic and /vhba)
set version
set version (snmp-trap)
set vhba
set virtual-ip
set vlan-id
set vlan-port-count-optimization
set vlanname
set vmretention
set vnic
set vnicretention
set weight
set width
set work-queue count
set work-queue ring-size
set wwn
set wwpn-pool
set zoning-type
show vlan-port-count
show activate status
show adapter
show assoc
show audit-logs
show auth-domain
show auth-server-group
show authentication
show backup
show backup (ep-log-policy)
show backup-policy
show backup-policy fsm status
show backup-policy-ctrl
show beacon-led
show beacon-led fsm status
show bios
show bladeserver-disc-policy
show block
show bmc
show boot-definition
show boot-option-retry-config
show boot-order
show boot-policy
show boot-target
show callhome
show cap-policy
show cap-qual
show card Command
show cat-updater
show certreq
show cfg-export-policy
show cfg-export-policy fsm status
show chassis
show chassis-conn-policy
show cimc
show cimxml
show class cpu-stats
show class dimm-env-stats
show class env-stats
show class ether-pause-stats
show class ethernet-port-err-stats
show class ethernet-port-m
show class ethernet-port-over-under-sized-stats
show class ethernet-port-stats
show class ethernet-port-stats-by-size-large-packets
show class ethernet-port-stats-by-size-small-packets
show class io-card-stats
show class memory-arr
show class motherboard-temp-stats
show class pcie-fatal-completion-error-stats
show class pcie-fatal-error-stats
show class pcie-fatal-protocol-error-stats
show class pcie-fatal-receiving-error-stats
show cli
show cli history
show clock (system)
show cluster
show communication-policy-ctrl
show connectivity
show console-auth
show control-ep
show core-export-target
show cores
show cpu
show datetime-policy-ctrl
show default-auth
show destination
show disk
show distributed-virtual-switch
show dns
show dns-policy-ctrl
show download-task
show dynamic-conn-policy
show egress-policy
show environment
show error-recovery
show eth-classified
show eth-if
show eth-if (vnic-iscsi)
show eth-mon-session
show eth-profile
show eth-target
show eth-uplink
show event
show execute-disable
show ext-eth-if
show ext-ipv6-rss-hash
show extension-key
show fabric
show fabric-interconnect
show fabric-interconnect inventory
show fabric-interconnect mode
show fabric-port-channel
show failover
show fan
show fan-module
show fault policy
show fault-policy-ctrl
show fault-suppress-task
show fc
show fc-if
show fc-profile
show fc-storage
show fc-zone
show fcoe-member-port
show fcoe-port-channel
show fcoeinterface
show feature
show file
show host-port-channel
show identity (server)
show identity (service-profile)
show identity iqn
show identity mac-addr
show identity uuid
show identity wwn
show infra-pack-ctrl
show initiator-group
show interface
show inventory
show inventory (fabric-interconnect)
show ipmi-user
show iqn-pool
show iscsi
show iscsi-policy
show iscsi-protocol-profile
show lan-connectivity-policy
show ldap-group
show ldap-group-rule
show license brief
show license default
show license file
show license host-id
show license usage
show local-disk
show local-disk-config-policy
show maint-policy
show mcast-policy
show member-fcoe-port-channel
show member-port
show member-port fc
show member-port fcoe
show member-port-channel
show mep-policy-ctrl
show mgmt-if-mon-policy
show mon-src
show monitoring-policy-ctrl
show nw-ctrl-policy
show occurrence one-time
show occurrence recurring
show password-profile
show pending-changes
show pooled
show port-channel
show ports
show power-budget
show power-control-policy
show power-group
show powermgmt-policy-ctrl
show pre-login-banner
show psu-policy
show psu-policy-ctrl
show rackserver-disc-policy
show raid-battery
show scheduler
show security fsm status
show security-policy-ctrl
show sel
show server actual-boot-order
show server adapter
show server adapter identity
show server adapter inventory
show server adapter layer2
show server adapter status
show server boot-order
show server cpu
show server identity
show server status
show server-host-id
show service-profile assoc
show service-profile circuit
show service-profile detail
show service-profile expand
show service-profile fsm
show service-profile identity
show service-profile inventory
show service-profile status
show snmp-user
show sol-policy
show sshkey
show static-target-if
show stats
show storage-connection-def
show storage-connection-policy
show storage-controller
show storage-target
show tech-support
show usage
show vcenter
show vcon
show vcon (/service-profile)
show vcon-assign
show vcon-mapping
show vcon-policy
show vhba-beh-policy
show vif-ns
show virtual-machine
show vlan
show vlan-group
show vlan-group-permit
show vlan-permit
show vm-life-cycle-policy
show vnic-beh-policy
show web-session-limits


terminal length
terminal monitor
terminal session-timeout
terminal width


update catalog
update firmware