Cisco CIMC Firmware Update Utility User Guide
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Understanding Error Messages

Problem Scenarios


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Understanding Error Messages

Problem Scenarios

Understanding Error Messages

Table 3-1 lists the error messages that you might view while working with the CIMC Firmware Update Utility. The table also lists the remedial action that you must follow to solve the error.

Table 3-1 Error Messages with Causes and Resolution  

Error Message
Remedial Action

Invalid argument


Invalid number of arguments

Displayed when the syntax of the command you entered is not accurate.

Determine the correct syntax in the help that is displayed, and modify the command. To view the detailed help, enter the following command:

./fwup cimc help

Filename does not exist.

Displayed when the filename or the path to the file is not correct.

First, determine if the filename you provided is accurate. Second, determine if you have provided the complete path to the file on the system.

This version of CIMC does not support firmware updates from the host.

Displayed when the currently running firmware does not support host-based firmware upgrade.

The current version of CIMC does not support host-based firmware updates. You must use the CIMC Web UI.

FW upgrade not possible

Displayed when the firmware is currently being updated, either through the CIMC Web UI or through the CIMC CLI on the host.

You cannot upgrade the firmware when it is already being updated by another administrator using the CIMC Web UI or the CIMC CLI.

To view the current status of firmware update process, enter the following command:

./fwp cimc show updatestatus

Could not open the IPMI interface to CIMC.

Displayed when the IPMI daemon is not running.

On Linux servers, ensure that the ipmi/dev service is available. Start the ipmi service with the service ipmi start command. You must be a root user or a super-user to run this command.

If the service does not start, load the following ipmi modules using modprobe: ipmi_si, ipmi_devintf, and ipmi_msghandler.

Invalid filename extension

The extension of the filename is not .bin.

Ensure that the filename that you downloaded from includes the .bin extension.

Error in flashing the file.

The file that you downloaded from might be corrupt.

Download the file again from and update the firmware version of the CIMC.

Problem Scenarios


While updating the firmware version of the server, if the update process is terminated abruptly, or if you used the Ctrl+C option to terminate the process, the front panel of the server remains locked.


Use the following command to unlock the front panel

./fwup cimc frontpanel unlock

At a later point, if you want to lock the front panel to perform other tasks on the server, use the following command:

./fwup cimc frontpanel lock