Cisco UCS C200 Installation and Service Guide
Technical Specifications
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Table of Contents

Technical Specifications

Physical Specifications

Environmental Specifications

Power Specifications

Technical Specifications

This appendix lists the technical specifications for the Cisco UCS C200 server and includes the following sections:

Physical Specifications

Table A-1 lists the physical specifications for the server.

Table A-1 Physical Specifications



1.70 in. (4.32 cm)


16.92 in. (43.00 cm)


27.80 in. (70.60 cm)

Weight (loaded chassis)

33.00 lbs (14.97 kg)

Environmental Specifications

Table A-2 lists the environmental specifications for the server.


Table A-2 Environmental Specifications


Temperature, operating:
Derate 1°C for every 1000 ft (304 m) up to a maximum altitude of 10,000 ft (3048 m)

50 to 95°F (10 to 35°C)

Temperature, nonoperating
within altitude: 0 to 40,000 feet (0 to 12,000 meters)

–40 to 149°F (–40 to 65°C)

Humidity (RH), noncondensing

5 to 93%


0 to 10000 feet

Sound power level
Measure A-weighted per ISO7779 LwAd (dBA)
Operation at 73°F (23°C)

54.7 dBA

Sound power level
Measure A-weighted per ISO7779 LwAd (Bels)
Operation at 73°F (23°C)

5.7 Bels

Power Specifications

Table A-3 lists the specifications for each power supply.


Table A-3 Power Supply Specifications


AC-input voltage

115 to 230 VAC nominal
(Range: 90 to 264 VAC)

AC-input frequency

50 to 60 Hz nominal
(Range: 47 to 63 Hz)

Maximum AC-input current

10 Amps

Maximum output power for each power supply

650 W (up to two power supplies can be installed)

Power supply output voltage

Main power: 12 VDC

Standby power: 5 VDC

You can get more specific power information for your exact server configuration by using the Cisco UCS Power Calculator: