Installation and Administration Guide for the Cisco TelePresence Exchange System Release 1.0
Password Recovery
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Password Recovery

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Password Recovery

Password Recovery

Revised June 30, 2011

Use this procedure to recover the administrator password, which is used to access the CLI of a Cisco TelePresence Exchange System server. This password is initially set while installing the server.

NoteTo change a known administrator password, use the set password admin command instead of performing the password recovery procedure.

You cannot use the password recovery procedure to recover or change the security password, which the database servers use to authenticate data requests from the other nodes, and which must be defined identically on all six nodes in the server cluster. To recover the security password, you need to reinstall all six nodes and define the new security password via the installer.

Before You Begin

During this procedure, you need to insert the Cisco TelePresence Exchange System installation DVD into the disk drive to prove that you have physical access to the server.

The password cannot be changed until at least 24 hours after it was created, unless you reinstall the Cisco TelePresence Exchange System software on the server.


Step 1 Log in to the CLI of the server with the following username and password:

Username: pwrecovery

Password: pwreset

Step 2 The platform password reset window appears.

Step 3 Press any key to continue.

Step 4 If the disk drive contains a DVD, remove it now.

Step 5 Press any key to continue.

The system verifies that the disk drive is empty.

Step 6 Insert the Cisco TelePresence Exchange System installation DVD into the disk drive.

The system verifies that you have inserted the disk.

Step 7 At the prompt, enter a to reset the administrator password.

Step 8 Enter the new administrator password.

Step 9 Reenter the new administrator password.

The system verifies the strength of the new password and resets it.

Step 10 At the prompt, press any key to exit the password reset utility.

Step 11 Verify that the new password works by logging in to the CLI.