Cisco TelePresence Content Server Release 5.0 Administration and User Guide
Premium Resolution
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Premium Resolution

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Premium Resolution

Premium Resolution

Additional functionality is available on second-generation Content Server hardware by adding a Premium Resolution key. The Premium Resolution option offers the following additional functionality:

Higher Call Speed and Video Resolution

Maximum call speed up to 4Mbps

Maximum live streaming resolution up to 720p30

Maximum on-demand web streaming and download resolution for main video and the presentation stream up to 720p60 or 1080p30

Maximum on-demand playback from an endpoint resolution for main video and the presentation stream up to 720p30

Presentation Stream Recorded with H.264

The presentation stream on the Premium Resolution Content Server can be recorded with the H.264 video codec. This means the presentation stream will be recorded at the maximum resolution that the endpoint, which is acquiring the presentation stream, is able to encode - up to the maximum resolution settings for each recording.

Watching Recordings from an Endpoint

Content Server recordings made with 5.0 can be viewed on an endpoint by dialing a Playback H.323 ID or E.164 alias of the recording from your endpoint. Playback addresses for recordings are displayed on the Edit recording page and in the email sent from the Content Server when a call has finished.

To enable playback on a Premium Resolution Content Server, Site managers must first enter a playback H.323 and/or E.164 gateway prefix in Management > Configuration > Site settings.

To enable playback automatically for new recordings created with your personal recording alias, edit your recording alias and select Make finished recording available for playing on endpoints.

Alternatively, to playback an existing recording from an endpoint, select Make recording available for playing on endpoints in the Play recording on endpoints section of the Edit recording page and save. The playback address for your recording will be displayed under the option you have just selected.

If you play back your recordings on endpoints which support presentation, you can to toggle between layouts. You can pause and resume playback by pressing any DTMF key.

Playback from endpoints is available for H.323 and interworking calls only, with a maximum of two calls per Content Server.

Additional options Available When Playing Back Content Server Recordings from an E20 (TE4.0)

If you play back your Content Server recording from an E20, you will get an in-call soft button option to Pause playback. In Paused mode, you will see a timeline with time elapsed from the beginning of the recording, and total time.

Press the Resume soft button to continue viewing the recording.

Press the call disconnect button to stop playback when you are done.

Review recordings from an E20 (TE4.0)

When you are making a recording on a Content Server from an E20, soft buttons in the E20 interface will provide in-call options to stop the recording (Stop) and then either review what you have just recorded (Review) or delete the last take you have recorded and start a new recording (Redo). You can record as many takes as you want, and only the last one will be saved.

When you are done, press the Save and End soft button or the call disconnect button to end the call. This will save the last recording you made.

Review recording options are available in calls to recording aliases which have no live streaming outputs. Calls with a live streaming output will only display a Save and End option.

Review recording is available in up to 5 calls per Content Server.