Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence 4.6 User Guide for Windows
Pinning and closing Jabber Video
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Pinning and closing Jabber Video

Pinning and closing Jabber Video

Keeping Jabber Video on top

The Pin button in the top right corner of your Jabber Video windows will keep the window visible on top of any other applications that may be active.

This is particularly useful when sharing a presentation, as you can keep the video window visible while working in a different application.

Closing and reopening the control window

    Step 1   Click on the X in the upper right corner to close the Jabber Video window while remaining available to receive calls.
    Step 2   Jabber Video is now placed in your computer's systray in the lower right corner of your screen. Your current status will be displayed on top of the Jabber Video icon.
    Step 3   To reopen the Jabber Video window, double-click the systray icon, or right-click it and select Open.

    Signing out

    To sign out from Jabber Video, for example to allow another user to log in:

      Step 1   Click the status button in the Jabber Video control window.
      Step 2   Select Sign out.
      Step 3   If your username and password are already filled in, click the Clear sign-in link to empty the fields for the next user.

      Exiting Jabber Video

      To exit the Jabber Video application completely:

        Step 1   Right-click on the Jabber Video icon in the systray.
        Step 2   Select Exit.

        When you exit Jabber Video, you will also be signed out.