Cisco eXpandable Power System 2200 Hardware Installation Guide
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Diagnosing Problems

Finding the Serial Number


This chapter provides troubleshooting information for the XPS.

If a Catalyst 3750-X or 3560-X switch is attached to the XPS, you can troubleshoot it from Cisco Network Assistant or from the CLI. See the switch software configuration guide or the switch command reference guide on

You can also access the Support and Documentation Website ( for a list of known hardware problems and troubleshooting documentation.


Look at the LEDs for information when troubleshooting the switch. See the "LEDs" section for descriptions of the LED colors and their meanings.

Diagnosing Problems

This section describes problems you might encounter with the XPS. Table 4-1 describes how to detect and resolve these problems.

Table 4-1 Common Problems and Solutions 

Possible Cause

The XPS cannot back up the connected port.

The XPS cable is loose or is not connected properly.

Reconnect the cable to the XPS. Press the Select button, then the Online/Offline button to put the XPS in enabled mode.

XPS power is not available.

A higher priority port is being backed up.

Assign a higher port priority to the selected port.

The port is in disabled mode.

Place the XPS in enabled mode.

A hardware fault condition occurred.

Replace the XPS.


The power supply module is not connected properly or is faulty.

Verify that both the AC OK and and PS OK power supply module LEDs are green.

The XPS cannot communicate with the 3750-X or 3560-X switch.

The XPS cable is loose or is not connected properly.

Disconnect all switches from the XPS. Connect a known good switch to the XPS and place the XPS in enabled mode.

If the XPS cannot communicate with the switch, replace the XPS.

If the XPS can communicate with the switch, there might be a problem with the previously connected switch.

The XPS cable is defective.

Replace the XPS cable; see the "Cabling Options" section.

An error was received by the SMB protocol.

Reconnect the XPS cable, and retry the communication.

A SMB communication hardware failure occurred.

Reset both the XPS and the switch.

Cannot attach the XPS cable to the XPS.

The XPS cable is incorrect.

Use the correct XPS cable; see the "Cabling Options" section

The XPS displays the wrong temperature.

The XPS temperature sensing device is defective.

Replace the XPS.

The fan module is not working.

The fan module vents are blocked.

Clear the blockage from the vents.

The fan module is not correctly installed in the XPS.

Make sure that the fan module is correctly inserted and secured to the XPS front panel.

The fan module is defective.

Replace the fan module.

Finding the Serial Number

If you contact Cisco Technical Assistance, you need to know the XPS serial number. See Figure 4-1 to find the serial number on the XPS 2200.

Figure 4-1 XPS Serial Number Location