Catalyst Supervisor Engine 32 PISA IOS System Message Guide, 12.2ZY
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Table Of Contents

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description (table) 1-8

Accelerated Flow Logging Security messages

See AFLSEC messages

ACE messages2-1to 2-2

acronyms, list of A-1

AFLSEC messages 2-3

Allegro Crypto Engine messages

See ACE messages

Any Transport over MPLS messages for WAN Optical Services Modules

See CWTLC_ATOM messages

AP messages2-3to 2-5

ATM Shared Port Adapter messages

See ATMSPA messages

ATMSPA messages2-6to 2-9

audience i-xvii

Authentication Proxy messages

See AP messages

Auto-Running Configuration Synchronization messages

See RUNCFGSYNC messages


BGP messages 2-9

Border Gateway Protocol messages

See BGP messages


C6K_MPLS_COMMON messages2-10to 2-11

C6K_MPLS_LC messages2-11to 2-12

C6K_MPLS_RP messages2-12to 2-13

C6K_PLATFORM messages2-14to 2-16

C6K_POWER messages 2-16

C6K_PROCMIB messages2-17to 2-18

C6K_WAN_C2W messages2-18to 2-19

C6KENV messages2-19to 2-22

C6KPWR messages2-24to 2-26

C7600_SIP200_MP messages2-27to 2-29

C7600_SIP200_SPIRX messages2-29to 2-31

C7600_SIP200_SPITX messages2-31to 2-40

C7600_SIP200 messages 2-27

C7600_SSC400 messages2-41to 2-43

C7600_SSC600 messages2-44to 2-47

CAMP messages 2-47

CAPI_EC messages2-49to 2-50

CAPI messages2-48to 2-49

Card/EtherChannel limitation messages

See CAPI_EC messages

card application program interface messages

See CAPI messages

CARDMGR messages2-50to 2-53

CBUS messages 2-53

central processing unit messages

See R4K_MP messages

CHARLOTTE messages2-53to 2-54

chars/char, variable field 1-8

checkpointing messages

See CHKPT messages

CHKPT messages2-55to 2-56

Cisco Bus Controller messages

See CBUS messages

common channelized Shared Port Adapter messages

See SPA_CHOC_DSX messages

CONST_DIAG messages2-56to 2-64

CONST_V6 messages 2-64

Content Services Gateway messages

See CSG messages

Cooperative Asymmetric Multiprocessing messages

See CAMP messages

Core Feature Manager messages

See FMCORE messages

CPU_MONITOR messages 2-65

CSG messages 2-65

CWAN_ATM messages2-66to 2-67

CWAN_CHOC_DSX messages 2-68

CWAN_HA messages2-68to 2-72

CWAN_QINQ messages 2-74

CWAN_RP messages2-75to 2-81

CWAN_SP messages 2-81

CWANLC_ATM messages 2-74

CWANLC messages2-72to 2-73

CWPA messages2-82to 2-83

CWRPSPA messages2-83to 2-84

CWSLC messages2-84to 2-85

CWTLC_ATOM messages 2-95

CWTLC_CHOC messages 2-95

CWTLC_CHOCX messages 2-96

CWTLC_GEWAN messages2-96to 2-98

CWTLC_RP messages2-98to 2-99

CWTLC messages2-86to 2-94

Cyclops Channelized OC48/OC12 messages

See CWTLC_CHOC messages


DATACORRUPTION messages 2-99

data corruption messages


data link messages

See LINK messages

date/time stamp designations

note 2-1

dec, variable field 1-8

DHCP_SNOOPING messages 2-99

DIAG messages2-101to 2-103


conventions i-xviii

organization i-xvii

DOT1X messages 2-104

download processor messages

See ONLINE messages

Dual OC-3 PoS port adapter messages

See CHARLOTTE messages

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Snooping messages

See DHCP_SNOOPING messages


EAP messages2-104to 2-105

EARL_ACL_FPGA messages2-108to 2-109

EARL_DRV_API messages2-110to 2-111

EARL_L2_ASIC messages2-111to 2-115

EARL_L3_ASIC messages2-116to 2-117

EARL_NETFLOW messages2-118to 2-121

EARL messages2-105to 2-108

EC messages 2-121

Embedded Event Manager messages

See HA_EM messages

EM messages2-122to 2-124

Enhanced Address Recognition Logic 6 Feature Manager messages

See FM_EARL6 messages

Enhanced Address Recognition Logic 7 Feature Manager messages

See FM_EARL7 messages

Enhanced Address Recognition Logic ACL field-programmable gate array messages

See EARL_ACL_FPGA messages

Enhanced Address Recognition Logic Driver API messages

See EARL_DRV_API messages

Enhanced Address Recognition Logic Layer 2 ASIC messages

See EARL_L2_ASIC messages

Enhanced Address Recognition Logic Layer 3 ASIC messages

See EARL_L3_ASIC messages

Enhanced Address Recognition Logic messages

See EARL messages

Enhanced Address Recognition Logic NetFlow messages

See EARL_NETFLOW messages

ENT_API messages 2-124

Entity MIB API messages

See ENT_API messages

environmental messages

See C6KENV messages

environmental monitoring messages

See ENVM messages

ENVM messages2-124to 2-125

EOBC messages 2-126

Eos ASIC messages

See EOS messages

EOS messages2-127to 2-129

EOU messages2-130to 2-133

EPLD_STATUS_OPEN messages2-133to 2-135

EPLD programming status file data processing messages


ESF Network Processor Client Mapper messages

See IXP_MAP messages

Ethernet out-of-band channel messages

See EOBC messages

Event Manager messages

See EM messages

Extensible Authentication Protocol messages

See EAP messages

Extensible Authentication Protocol over UDP messages

See EOU messages


FABRIC messages 2-135

fabric messages

See FABRIC messages

facility codes

description 1-1

table 1-1

Feature Manager messages

See FM messages

FIB messages2-135to 2-136

FILESYS Messages 2-136

Flexible Packet Matching messages

See FPM messages

FM_EARL6 messages2-140to 2-141

FM_EARL7 messages2-141to 2-144

FMCORE messages 2-140

FM messages2-137to 2-138

forwarding information base messages

See FIB messages

FPM messages 2-145

FTTM messages 2-145

Full Ternary TCAM Manager messages

See FTTM messages


general platform messages

See C6K_PLATFORM messages

Gigabit Ethernet WAN module messages

See CWTLC_GEWAN messages


HA_EM messages 2-146

hex, variable field 1-8

HYPERION ASIC messages2-146to 2-148


IDBMAN messages 2-148

IEEE 802.1X messages

See DOT1X messages

int, variable field 1-8

Interface Descriptor Block Manager messages

See IDBMAN messages

InterProcessor Communication messages

See IPC messages

IP_DEVICE_TRACKING messages 2-149

IP_VRF messages2-153to 2-154

IPC messages2-149to 2-150

IPFAST messages2-150to 2-152

IP fast-switching messages

See IPFAST messages

IPNAT messages 2-152

IP Network Address Translation messages

See IPNAT messages

IPV6 messages 2-153

IP version 6 messages

See CONST_V6 messages

See IPV6 messages

IP VPN routing/forwarding instance common error messages


IXP_MAP messages 2-155


KEYMAN messages 2-155

key string encryption messages

See KEYMAN messages


L2_AGING messages 2-156

L2_APPL messages2-157to 2-158

L2 messages 2-156

L3MM messages2-158to 2-161

LAN Multiprotocol Label Switching messages

See C6K_MPLS_RP messages

Layer 2 aging messages

See L2_AGING messages

Layer 2 application messages

See L2_APPL messages

Layer 2 messages

See L2 messages

Layer 2 Multicast log messages

See MCAST messages

Layer 3 Mobility Manager messages

See L3MM messages

LINK messages 2-162


MAC_LIMIT messages2-162to 2-164

MAC_MOVE messages 2-164

MAC FIFO controller messages

See SBFIFO messages

MAC limit feature messages

See MAC_LIMIT messages

MAC move notification feature messages

See MAC_MOVE messages

MCAST MCQ messages 2-166

MCAST messages2-165to 2-166

MDT messages 2-166


example 1-8

facility codes 1-1

message-texts 1-7

mnemonic codes 1-7

severity levels 1-7

structure 1-1


description 1-7

MFIB_CONST_RP messages 2-167

Mistral ASIC messages

See MISTRAL messages

MISTRAL messages 2-168

MLS_ACL_COMMON messages2-168to 2-169

MLS_RATE messages2-174to 2-175

MLS_STAT messages 2-176

MLSCEF messages2-170to 2-172

MLSM messages2-173to 2-174

MMLS_RATE messages 2-179

MMLS messages2-177to 2-179

mnemonic codes

description 1-7

MRIB_PROXY messages2-179to 2-180

MROUTE messages 2-180

MSFC2 messages 2-180

Multicast Distribution Tree

See MDT messages

Multicast Forwarding Information Base route processor

See MFIB_CONST_RP messages

Multicast Modular Quality of Service Command-Line Interface

See MCAST MCQ messages

Multicast Multilayer Switching messages

See MMLS messages

Multicast Multilayer Switching Rate Limiting messages

See MMLS_RATE messages

Multicast Route messages

See MROUTE messages

Multicast Routing Information Base proxy messages

See MRIB_PROXY messages

Multilayer Switch Feature Card 2 messages

See MSFC2 messages

Multilayer Switching ACL messages

See MLS_ACL_COMMON messages

Multilayer Switching Cisco Express Forwarding messages

See MLSCEF messages

Multilayer Switching for Multicast messages

See MLSM messages

Multilayer Switching Rate Limit messages

See MLS_RATE messages

Multilayer Switching Statistics messages

See MLS_STAT messages

Multiprotocol Label Switching common LAN and WAN messages

See C6K_MPLS_COMMON messages

Multiprotocol Label Switching switch processor or module messages

See C6K_MPLS_LC messages


NBAR messages 2-181


NETWORK_RF_API messages2-182to 2-183

network-based application recognition messages

See NBAR messages

network redundancy feature API messages

See NETWORK_RF_API messages

num, variable field 1-8


OIR messages2-183to 2-187

Online Diagnostics messages

See CONST_DIAG messages

See DIAG messages

online insertion and removal messages

See OIR messages

ONLINE messages 2-187

Open Shortest Path First messages

See OSPF messages

operating system messages

See SYS messages

Optical Services Module (OSM) Channelized OC12/OC3 module messages

See CWTLC_CHOCX messages

Optical Services Module distributed multilink messages

See OSM_MULTILINK messages

Optical Transceiver Diagnostic Monitoring messages

See SFF8472 messages

OSM_MULTILINK messages2-188to 2-191

OSPF messages 2-191


Packet over SONET line card messages

See POSLC messages

PBI_OPEN messages2-191to 2-192

PF_ASIC messages 2-192

PFINIT messages 2-193

PFREDUN messages2-194to 2-197

PIMSN messages 2-197

PISAL2M messages2-202to 2-204

PISA Layer 2 Module messages

See PISAL2M messages

PISA messages2-198to 2-200

platform initialization messages

See PFINIT messages

platform redundancy messages

See PFREDUN messages

PM_SCP messages2-205to 2-206

PM messages 2-204

port adpater module messages

See CWPA messages

Port Aggregation Protocol, Link Aggregation Control Protocol shim, and EtherChannel messages

See EC messages

port manager messages

See PM messages

port manager Switch-Module Configuration Protocol messages

See PM_SCP messages

POSLC messages2-206to 2-207

power messages

See C6K_POWER messages

See C6KPWR messages

Process MIB SP CPU messages

See C6K_PROCMIB messages

programmable binary file data processing messages

See PBI_OPEN messages

protocol filtering ASIC messages

See PF_ASIC messages

Protocol Independent Multicast Snooping messages

See PIMSN messages

Protocol Intelligent Services Accelerator messages

See PISA messages


QM messages2-207to 2-209

Quality of Service Management messages

See QM messages


R4K_MP messages 2-209

redundancy feature messages

See RF messages

REGISTRY messages 2-210

related documentation i-xvii

Remote Procedure Call messages

See RPC messages

Reverse Path Forwarding messages

See RPF messages

RF messages2-211to 2-212

Route Processor Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol messages

See RP_MLP messages

RP_MLP messages 2-214

RPC messages 2-212

RPF messages 2-213

RUNCFGSYNC messages 2-214


SBFIFO messages2-215to 2-218

SCP messages2-218to 2-219

searching for system messages

in Error Message Decoder 1-8

in online documentation 1-8

service line card messages

See SVCLC messages

Services SPA Carrier Card messages

See C7600_SSC600 messages

severity levels

description 1-7

table 1-7

SFF8472 messages2-220to 2-221

Shared Port Adapater messages on OSR RP

See CWRPSPA messages

short message service center RP messages

See SMSC_RP messages

SIBYTE_ION messages 2-221

Sibyte Ion

See SIBYTE_ION messages

Simple Network Management Protocol messages

See SNMP messages

SIP 200 Multiprocessing messages

See C7600_SIP200_MP messages

SIP 200 SPI4.2 bus egress interface messages

See C7600_SIP200_SPITX messages

SIP 200 SPI4.2 bus ingress interface messages

See C7600_SIP200_SPIRX messages

SIP 400 Card Manager (data plane) messages

See CARDMGR messages

SIP400 messages2-222to 2-223

SIP600_PARSING_ENGINE messages2-231to 2-232

SIP600_QOS messages2-233to 2-237

SIP600 messages2-223to 2-230

SIPSPA messages 2-237

SMSC_RP messages2-238to 2-239

SNMP messages 2-239

SPA_CHOC_DSX messages 2-240

SPA_T3E3 messages 2-240

SPA Interface Processor 200

See C7600_SIP200 messages

SPA Interface Processor 400 messages

See SIP400 messages

SPA Interface Processor 600 messages

See SIP600 messages

SPA Interface Processor 600 parsing engine messages

See SIP600_PARSING_ENGINE messages

SPA Interface Processor 600 quality of service messages

SIP600_QOS messages

SPA messages on GSR line cards

See SIPSPA messages

SPAN messages2-241to 2-242

Spanning Tree messages

See SPANTREE messages

SPANTREE messages2-242to 2-243

Split VLAN Manager messages

See SPLITVLANM messages

SPLITVLANM messages2-243to 2-245

SSA messages2-245to 2-246

SSP messages2-247to 2-249

Standard Test and Programming Language messages

See STAPL messages

STAPL messages2-249to 2-250

State Synchronization Protocol Manager messages

See SSP messages

Super Santa Ana ASIC messages

See SSA messages

SVCLC messages 2-250

SW_VLAN messages2-251to 2-252

Switched Port Analyzer messages

See SPAN messages

Switch IP Host Tracking HA messages


Switch Module Configuration Protocol messages

See SCP messages

SYS_CONTROLLER messages2-254to 2-256

SYS messages2-253to 2-254

SYSMGR messages 2-257

system controller messages


system manager messages

See SYSMGR messages


Tag Forwarding Information Base messages

See TFIB messages

TCP messages 2-257


special terms 1-9

TFIB messages 2-258

time-range messages

See TRANGE messages

time stamp designations

See date/time stamp designations

traceback reports 1-9

TRANGE messages 2-258

TRANSCEIVER messages 2-259

Transmission Control Protocol messages

See TCP messages


UNICAST_FLOOD messages 2-260

unicast flooding messages

See UNICAST_FLOOD messages

URL filtering messages

See URLF messages

URLF messages2-260to 2-262


VACL logging messages

See VSEC messages

variable fields

definition 1-8

table 1-8

Virtual Private Network Services Module messages

See VPNSM messages

VLAN manager messages

See SW_VLAN messages

VPN_HW messages2-263to 2-266

VPN Hardware Accelerator for IPSec messages

See VPN_HW messages

VPNSM crypto connection messages

See VPNSMIOS messages

VPNSMIOS messages2-312to 2-318

VPNSM messages2-266to 2-312

VSEC messages 2-318


WAN ATM messages

See CWANLC_ATM messages

WAN ATM port messages

See CWAN_ATM messages

WAN C2Wire messages

See C6K_WAN_C2W messages

WAN CHOC DSX LC Common messages

See CWAN_CHOC_DSX messages

WAN line card messages

See CWANLC messages

WAN module high availability messages

See CWAN_HA messages

WAN Optical Services Module messages

See CWTLC messages

WAN QinQ messages

See CWAN_QINQ messages

WAN route processor driver messages

See CWAN_RP messages

WAN SiByte Module messages

See CWSLC messages

WAN switch processor messages

See CWAN_SP messages

WAN Toaster-based line card route processor messages

See CWTLC_RP messages

WCCP messages 2-318

Web Cache Communication Protocol messages

See WCCP messages

wireless service module messages

See WiSM messages

WiSM messages 2-319