Catalyst 6500 Series Switch Installation Guide
Repacking the Switch
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Repacking theSwitch

Repacking the Switch

If you need to return or move the Catalyst 6500 series switch chassis, follow these steps to repack the switch using the original packaging material:

Step 1 Set the chassis in the bottom pallet. (See Figure A-1.)

Step 2 Place the packing bag over the chassis.

Step 3 Place the front-packing material and power supply packing material around the chassis.

Step 4 Place the power supplies in the spaces provided in the power supply packing material. (See Figure A-1.)

Step 5 Place the top-packing material over the top of the chassis and power supplies.

Step 6 Place the rack-mount kit and the accessory kit on the top-packing material.

Note You must include the accessory kit for the final packaging to fit properly.

Step 7 Place the outside carton over the entire package.

Step 8 Fold the outside carton down over the top and seal with packing tape.

Step 9 Wrap three packing straps tightly around the top and bottom of the package to hold the outside carton and the bottom pallet together. (See Figure A-2.)


Figure A-1 Packing Material


Figure A-2 Final Package


Note Do not use tape to hold the outside carton to the bottom pallet. Packing straps must be added to hold the entire package together and to add strength to the package.