Catalyst 2960 Switch Command Reference, 12.2(25)FX
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Table Of Contents

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aaa accounting dot1x command     2-1

aaa authentication dot1x command     2-3

AAA methods     2-3

abort command     2-524

access control entries

See ACEs

access control lists

See ACLs

access groups

IP     2-91

MAC, displaying     2-327

access mode     2-477

access ports     2-477

ACEs     2-61, 2-216


deny     2-59

displaying     2-249

for non-IP protocols     2-139

IP     2-91

on Layer 2 interfaces     2-91

permit     2-214

address aliasing     2-205

aggregate-port learner     2-210

allowed VLANs     2-492

apply command     2-524

archive download-sw command     2-5

archive tar command     2-8

archive upload-sw command     2-11

audience     xv

authorization state of controlled port     2-71

autonegotiation of duplex mode     2-78

auto qos voip command     2-13


BackboneFast, for STP     2-418

backup interfaces

configuring     2-473

displaying     2-298

boot (boot loader) command     A-2

boot boothlpr command     2-17

boot config-file command     2-18

boot enable-break command     2-19

boot helper command     2-20

boot helper-config file command     2-21


Cisco IOS image     2-24

displaying environment variables     2-257

interrupting     2-19

manually     2-22

boot loader

accessing     A-1


Cisco IOS image     A-2

helper image     2-20


creating     A-15

displaying a list of     A-7

removing     A-19


available commands     A-12

memory heap utilization     A-14

version     A-26

boot loader (continued)

environment variables

described     A-20

displaying settings     A-20

location of     A-21

setting     A-20

unsetting     A-24


copying     A-5

deleting     A-6

displaying a list of     A-7

displaying the contents of     A-4, A-16, A-23

renaming     A-17

file system

formatting     A-10

initializing flash     A-9

running a consistency check     A-11

loading helper images     A-13

prompt     A-1

resetting the system     A-18

boot manual command     2-22

boot private-config-file command     2-23

boot system command     2-24

BPDU filtering, for spanning tree     2-419, 2-451

BPDU guard, for spanning tree     2-421, 2-451

broadcast storm control     2-468


candidate switches

See clusters

cat (boot loader) command     A-4

caution, description     xvi

channel-group command     2-25

channel-protocol command     2-28

Cisco Network Assistant

See Network Assistant     xvi

Cisco SoftPhone

auto-QoS configuration     2-13

trusting packets sent from     2-197

class command     2-29

class-map command     2-31

class maps

creating     2-31

defining the match criteria     2-157

displaying     2-261

class of service

See CoS

clear ip dhcp snooping database command     2-33

clear lacp command     2-34

clear mac address-table command     2-35

clear pagp command     2-36

clear port-security command     2-37

clear spanning-tree counters command     2-39

clear spanning-tree detected-protocols command     2-40

clear vmps statistics command     2-41

clear vtp counters command     2-42

cluster commander-address command     2-43

cluster discovery hop-count command     2-45

cluster enable command     2-46

cluster holdtime command     2-48

cluster member command     2-49

cluster outside-interface command     2-51

cluster requirements     xvi

cluster run command     2-52


adding candidates     2-49

binding to HSRP group     2-53

building manually     2-49

communicating with

devices outside the cluster     2-51

members by using Telnet     2-229

debug messages, display     B-5

clusters (continued)


candidate switches     2-264

debug messages     B-5

member switches     2-266

status     2-262

hop-count limit for extended discovery     2-45

HSRP standby groups     2-53

redundancy     2-53

SNMP trap     2-409

cluster standby-group command     2-53

cluster timer command     2-55

command modes defined     1-1

command switch

See clusters

configuration, initial

See getting started guide and hardware installation guide

configuration files

password recovery disable considerations     A-1

specifying the name     2-18, 2-23

configuring multiple interfaces     2-87

config-vlan mode

commands     2-513

description     1-4

entering     2-512

summary     1-2


command     xv

for examples     xvi

publication     xv

text     xv

copy (boot loader) command     A-5


assigning default value to incoming packets     2-167

overriding the incoming value     2-167

CoS-to-DSCP map     2-171

CPU ASIC statistics, displaying     2-268


debug auto qos command     B-2

debug backup command     B-4

debug cluster command     B-5

debug dot1x command     B-7

debug dtp command     B-8

debug etherchannel command     B-9

debug interface command     B-11

debug ip dhcp snooping command     B-10

debug ip igmp filter command     B-12

debug ip igmp max-groups command     B-13

debug ip igmp snooping command     B-14

debug lacp command     B-15

debug mac-notification command     B-16

debug matm command     B-17

debug monitor command     B-18

debug mvrdbg command     B-19

debug nvram command     B-20

debug pagp command     B-21

debug platform acl command     B-22

debug platform backup interface command     B-23

debug platform cpu-queues command     B-24

debug platform dot1x command     B-26

debug platform etherchannel command     B-27

debug platform forw-tcam command     B-28

debug platform ip dhcp command     B-29

debug platform ip igmp snooping command     B-30

debug platform led command     B-32

debug platform matm command     B-33

debug platform messaging application command     B-34

debug platform phy command     B-35

debug platform pm command     B-37

debug platform port-asic command     B-39

debug platform port-security command     B-40

debug platform qos-acl-tcam command     B-41

debug platform resource-manager command     B-42

debug platform snmp command     B-43

debug platform span command     B-44

debug platform supervisor-asic command     B-45

debug platform sw-bridge command     B-46

debug platform tcam command     B-47

debug platform udld command     B-49

debug platform vlan command     B-50

debug pm command     B-51

debug port-security command     B-53

debug qos-manager command     B-54

debug spanning-tree backbonefast command     B-57

debug spanning-tree bpdu command     B-58

debug spanning-tree bpdu-opt command     B-59

debug spanning-tree command     B-55

debug spanning-tree mstp command     B-60

debug spanning-tree switch command     B-62

debug spanning-tree uplinkfast command     B-64

debug sw-vlan command     B-65

debug sw-vlan ifs command     B-67

debug sw-vlan notification command     B-68

debug sw-vlan vtp command     B-70

debug udld command     B-72

debug vqpc command     B-74

define interface-range command     2-56

delete (boot loader) command     A-6

delete command     2-58

deny command     2-59

detect mechanism, causes     2-79

device manager requirements     xvi

DHCP snooping

accepting untrusted packets from edge switch     2-102


on a VLAN     2-107

option 82     2-100, 2-102

trust on an interface     2-105

error recovery timer     2-81

rate limiting     2-104

DHCP snooping binding database

binding file, configuring     2-98


adding     2-96

deleting     2-96

displaying     2-309

clearing database agent statistics     2-33

database agent, configuring     2-98


binding entries     2-309

database agent status     2-311

renewing     2-233

dir (boot loader) command     A-7

directories, deleting     2-58

documentation, related     xvi

document conventions     xv

domain name, VTP     2-531, 2-535

dot1x command     2-62

dot1x default command     2-64

dot1x guest-vlan command     2-65

dot1x host-mode command     2-67

dot1x initialize command     2-68

dot1x max-req command     2-69, 2-70

dot1x port-control command     2-71

dot1x re-authenticate command     2-73

dot1x reauthentication command     2-74

dot1x timeout command     2-75

DSCP-to-CoS map     2-171

DSCP-to-DSCP-mutation map     2-171

DTP     2-478

DTP flap

error detection for     2-79

error recovery timer     2-81

DTP negotiation     2-479

dual-purpose uplink ports

displaying configurable options     2-300

displaying the active media     2-304

selecting the type     2-161

duplex command     2-77

dynamic-access ports

configuring     2-471

restrictions     2-472

dynamic auto VLAN membership mode     2-477

dynamic desirable VLAN membership mode     2-477

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

See DHCP snooping

Dynamic Trunking Protocol



EAP-request/identity frame

maximum number to send     2-70

response time before retransmitting     2-75

environment variables, displaying     2-257

errdisable detect cause command     2-79

errdisable recovery command     2-81

error conditions, displaying     2-289

error disable detection     2-79

error-disabled interfaces, displaying     2-298


assigning Ethernet interface to channel group     2-25

creating port-channel logical interface     2-85

debug EtherChannel/PAgP, display     B-9

debug platform-specific events, display     B-27

displaying     2-293

interface information, displaying     2-298


clearing channel-group information     2-34

debug messages, display     B-15

displaying     2-323

modes     2-25

EtherChannel (continued)

LACP (continued)

port priority for hot-standby ports     2-131

restricting a protocol     2-28

system priority     2-133

load-distribution methods     2-224


aggregate-port learner     2-210

clearing channel-group information     2-36

debug messages, display     B-21

displaying     2-370

error detection for     2-79

error recovery timer     2-81

learn method     2-210

modes     2-25

physical-port learner     2-210

priority of interface for transmitted traffic     2-212

Ethernet controller, internal register display     2-270

Ethernet statistics, collecting     2-235

examples, conventions for     xvi

exit command     2-524

extended discovery of candidate switches     2-45

extended-range VLANs

and allowed VLAN list     2-492

and pruning-eligible list     2-492

configuring     2-512

extended system ID for STP     2-427


fan information, displaying     2-286

file name, VTP     2-531

files, deleting     2-58

flash_init (boot loader) command     A-9

Flex Links

configuring     2-473

displaying     2-298

flowcontrol command     2-83

format (boot loader) command     A-10

forwarding results, display     C-5

frame forwarding information, displaying     C-5

fsck (boot loader) command     A-11


global configuration mode     1-2, 1-3


hardware ACL statistics     2-249

help (boot loader) command     A-12

hop-count limit for clusters     2-45

host connection, port configuration     2-476

Hot Standby Router Protocol



binding HSRP group to cluster     2-53

standby group     2-53


IEEE 802.1x

and switchport modes     2-478

violation error recovery     2-81

See also port-based authentication

IGMP filters

applying     2-108

debug messages, display     B-12

IGMP groups, setting maximum     2-109

IGMP maximum groups, debugging     B-13

IGMP profiles

creating     2-111

displaying     2-313

IGMP snooping

adding ports as a static member of a group     2-127

displaying     2-314, 2-319, 2-321

IGMP snooping (continued)

enabling     2-113

enabling the configurable-leave timer     2-115

enabling the Immediate-Leave feature     2-124

flooding query count     2-121

interface topology change notification behavior     2-123

multicast table     2-317

querier     2-117

query solicitation     2-121

report suppression     2-119

switch topology change notification behavior     2-121


See software images

Immediate-Leave feature, MVR     2-207

immediate-leave processing     2-124

initial configuration

See getting started guide and hardware installation guide

interface configuration mode     1-2, 1-4

interface port-channel command     2-85

interface range command     2-87

interface-range macros     2-56


assigning Ethernet interface to channel group     2-25

configuring     2-77

configuring multiple     2-87

creating port-channel logical     2-85

debug messages, display     B-11

disabling     2-407

displaying the MAC address table     2-339

restarting     2-407

interface speed, configuring     2-460

interface vlan command     2-90

internal registers, displaying     2-270, 2-277

Internet Group Management Protocol


invalid GBIC

error detection for     2-79

error recovery timer     2-81

ip access-group command     2-91

ip address command     2-93

IP addresses, setting     2-93

IP DHCP snooping

See DHCP snooping

ip dhcp snooping binding command     2-96

ip dhcp snooping command     2-95

ip dhcp snooping database command     2-98

ip dhcp snooping information option allow-untrusted command     2-102

ip dhcp snooping information option command     2-100

ip dhcp snooping limit rate command     2-104

ip dhcp snooping trust command     2-105

ip dhcp snooping verify command     2-106

ip dhcp snooping vlan command     2-107

ip igmp filter command     2-108

ip igmp max-groups command     2-109

ip igmp profile command     2-111

ip igmp snooping command     2-113

ip igmp snooping last-member-query-interval command     2-115

ip igmp snooping querier command     2-117

ip igmp snooping report-suppression command     2-119

ip igmp snooping tcn command     2-121

ip igmp snooping tcn flood command     2-123

ip igmp snooping vlan immediate-leave command     2-124

ip igmp snooping vlan mrouter command     2-125

ip igmp snooping vlan static command     2-127

IP multicast addresses     2-204

IP phones

auto-QoS configuration     2-13

trusting packets sent from     2-197

IP-precedence-to-DSCP map     2-171

IP source guard


dynamic binding entries only     2-309

ip ssh command     2-129


jumbo frames




See EtherChannel

lacp port-priority command     2-131

lacp system-priority command     2-133

Layer 2 traceroute

IP addresses     2-503

MAC addresses     2-500

line configuration mode     1-2, 1-5

Link Aggregation Control Protocol

See EtherChannel

link flap

error detection for     2-79

error recovery timer     2-81

load_helper (boot loader) command     A-13

load-distribution methods for EtherChannel     2-224

logging file command     2-135

logical interface     2-85

loopback error

detection for     2-79

recovery timer     2-81

loop guard, for spanning tree     2-428, 2-432


mac access-group command     2-137

MAC access-groups, displaying     2-327

MAC access list configuration mode     2-139

mac access-list extended command     2-139

MAC access lists     2-59

MAC addresses


aging time     2-333

all     2-331

dynamic     2-337

notification settings     2-341

number of addresses in a VLAN     2-335

per interface     2-339

per VLAN     2-345

static     2-343

static and dynamic entries     2-329


aging time     2-141

deleting     2-35

displaying     2-337

enabling MAC address notification     2-142


adding and removing     2-144

displaying     2-343

dropping on an interface     2-145

tables     2-331

MAC address notification, debugging     B-16

mac address-table aging-time     2-137

mac address-table aging-time command     2-141

mac address-table notification command     2-142

mac address-table static command     2-144

mac address-table static drop command     2-145

macro apply command     2-147

macro description command     2-150

macro global command     2-151

macro global description command     2-154

macro name command     2-155


adding a description     2-150

adding a global description     2-154

applying     2-151

creating     2-155

displaying     2-372

macros (continued)

interface range     2-56, 2-87

specifying parameter values     2-151

tracing     2-151


audience     xv

purpose of     xv



defining     2-171

displaying     2-355

match (class-map configuration) command     2-157

maximum transmission unit


mdix auto command     2-159

media-type command     2-161

member switches

See clusters

memory (boot loader) command     A-14

mkdir (boot loader) command     A-15

mls qos aggregate-policer command     2-165

mls qos command     2-163

mls qos cos command     2-167

mls qos dscp-mutation command     2-169

mls qos map command     2-171

mls qos queue-set output buffers command     2-175

mls qos queue-set output threshold command     2-177

mls qos rewrite ip dscp command     2-179

mls qos srr-queue input bandwidth command     2-181

mls qos srr-queue input buffers command     2-183

mls qos-srr-queue input cos-map command     2-185

mls qos srr-queue input dscp-map command     2-187

mls qos srr-queue input priority-queue command     2-189

mls qos srr-queue input threshold command     2-191

mls qos-srr-queue output cos-map command     2-193

mls qos srr-queue output dscp-map command     2-195

mls qos trust command     2-197

mode, MVR     2-204

Mode button, and password recovery     2-238

modes, commands     1-1

monitor session command     2-199

more (boot loader) command     A-16


interoperability     2-40

link type     2-430

MST region

aborting changes     2-436

applying changes     2-436

configuration name     2-436

configuration revision number     2-436

current or pending display     2-436

MST configuration mode     2-436

VLANs-to-instance mapping     2-436

path cost     2-438

protocol mode     2-434

restart protocol migration process     2-40

root port

loop guard     2-428

preventing from becoming designated     2-428

restricting which can be root     2-428

root guard     2-428

root switch

affects of extended system ID     2-427

hello-time     2-441, 2-447

interval between BDPU messages     2-442

interval between hello BPDU messages     2-441, 2-447

max-age     2-442

maximum hop count before discarding BPDU     2-443

port priority for selection of     2-444

primary or secondary     2-447

switch priority     2-446

state changes

blocking to forwarding state     2-453

enabling BPDU filtering     2-419, 2-451

enabling BPDU guard     2-421, 2-451

enabling Port Fast     2-451, 2-453

forward-delay time     2-440

MSTP (continued)

state changes (continued)

length of listening and learning states     2-440

rapid transition to forwarding     2-430

shutting down Port Fast-enabled ports     2-451

state information display     2-383


configuring size     2-497

displaying global setting     2-391

multicast group address, MVR     2-207

multicast groups, MVR     2-205

multicast router learning method     2-125

multicast router ports, configuring     2-125

multicast storm control     2-468

multicast VLAN, MVR     2-204

multicast VLAN registration


multiple hosts on authorized port     2-67

Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol



and address aliasing     2-205

configuring     2-204

configuring interfaces     2-207

debug messages, display     B-19

displaying     2-364

displaying interface information     2-366

members, displaying     2-368

mvr (global configuration) command     2-204

mvr (interface configuration) command     2-207

mvr vlan group command     2-208


native VLANs     2-492

Network Assistant requirements     xvi


DTP messaging     2-479

nonegotiate, speed     2-460

non-IP protocols

denying     2-59

forwarding     2-214

non-IP traffic access lists     2-139

non-IP traffic forwarding

denying     2-59

permitting     2-214

normal-range VLANs     2-512, 2-517

note, description     xvi

no vlan command     2-512, 2-521



See EtherChannel

pagp learn-method command     2-210

pagp port-priority command     2-212

password, VTP     2-531, 2-535

password-recovery mechanism, enabling and disabling     2-238

permit (MAC access-list configuration) command     2-214

per-VLAN spanning-tree plus


physical-port learner     2-210

PID, displaying     2-307

PIM-DVMRP, as multicast router learning method     2-125

police aggregate command     2-219

police command     2-217

policed-DSCP map     2-171

policy-map command     2-221

policy maps

applying to an interface     2-240, 2-244

creating     2-221

displaying     2-375


displaying     2-348

for a single class     2-217

policy maps (continued)

policers (continued)

for multiple classes     2-165, 2-219

policed-DSCP map     2-171

traffic classification

defining the class     2-29

defining trust states     2-505

setting DSCP or IP precedence values     2-242

Port Aggregation Protocol

See EtherChannel

port-based authentication

AAA method list     2-3

debug messages, display     B-7

enabling IEEE 802.1x

globally     2-62

per interface     2-71

guest VLAN     2-65

host modes     2-67

IEEE 802.1x AAA accounting methods     2-1

initialize an interface     2-68

manual control of authorization state     2-71

multiple hosts on authorized port     2-67

periodic re-authentication

enabling     2-74

time between attempts     2-75

quiet period between failed authentication exchanges     2-75

re-authenticating IEEE 802.1x-enabled ports     2-73

resetting configurable IEEE 802.1x parameters     2-64

switch-to-authentication server retransmission time     2-75

switch-to-client frame-retransmission number     2-69 to  2-70

switch-to-client retransmission time     2-75

port-channel load-balance command     2-224

Port Fast, for spanning tree     2-453

port ranges, defining     2-56

ports, debugging     B-51

ports, protected     2-490

port security

aging     2-486

debug messages, display     B-53

enabling     2-481

violation error recovery     2-81

port trust states for QoS     2-197

port types, MVR     2-207

power information, displaying     2-286

priority-queue command     2-226

privileged EXEC mode     1-2, 1-3

product identification information, displaying     2-307

protected ports, displaying     2-303


VLANs     2-492


displaying interface information     2-298

enabling     2-531, 2-535

pruning-eligible VLAN list     2-493






configuring     2-13

debug messages, display     B-2

displaying     2-253

class maps

creating     2-31

defining the match criteria     2-157

displaying     2-261

defining the CoS value for an incoming packet     2-167

displaying configuration information     2-253, 2-347

DSCP transparency     2-179

DSCP trusted ports

applying DSCP-to-DSCP-mutation map to     2-169

defining DSCP-to-DSCP-mutation map     2-171

QoS (continued)

egress queues

allocating buffers     2-175

defining the CoS output queue threshold map     2-193

defining the DSCP output queue threshold map     2-195

displaying buffer allocations     2-351

displaying CoS output queue threshold map     2-355

displaying DSCP output queue threshold map     2-355

displaying queueing strategy     2-351

displaying queue-set settings     2-358

enabling bandwidth shaping and scheduling     2-464

enabling bandwidth sharing and scheduling     2-466

limiting the maximum output on a port     2-462

mapping a port to a queue-set     2-228

mapping CoS values to a queue and threshold     2-193

mapping DSCP values to a queue and threshold     2-195

setting maximum and reserved memory allocations     2-177

setting WTD thresholds     2-177

enabling     2-163

ingress queues

allocating buffers     2-183

assigning SRR scheduling weights     2-181

defining the CoS input queue threshold map     2-185

defining the DSCP input queue threshold map     2-187

displaying buffer allocations     2-351

displaying CoS input queue threshold map     2-355

displaying DSCP input queue threshold map     2-355

displaying queueing strategy     2-351

displaying settings for     2-349

enabling the priority queue     2-189

mapping CoS values to a queue and threshold     2-185

mapping DSCP values to a queue and threshold     2-187

setting WTD thresholds     2-191


defining     2-171, 2-185, 2-187, 2-193, 2-195

displaying     2-355

QoS (continued)

policy maps

applying an aggregate policer     2-219

applying to an interface     2-240, 2-244

creating     2-221

defining policers     2-165, 2-217

displaying policers     2-348

displaying policy maps     2-375

policed-DSCP map     2-171

setting DSCP or IP precedence values     2-242

traffic classifications     2-29

trust states     2-505

port trust states     2-197

queues, enabling the expedite     2-226


in-profile and out-of-profile packets     2-351

packets enqueued or dropped     2-351

sent and received CoS values     2-351

sent and received DSCP values     2-351

trusted boundary for IP phones     2-197

quality of service

See QoS

querytime, MVR     2-204

queue-set command     2-228


rapid per-VLAN spanning-tree plus


rapid PVST+


rcommand command     2-229

re-authenticating IEEE 802.1x-enabled ports     2-73


periodic     2-74

time between attempts     2-75

receiver ports, MVR     2-207

receiving flow-control packets     2-83

recovery mechanism

causes     2-81

display     2-259, 2-287, 2-291

timer interval     2-81

redundancy for cluster switches     2-53

remote-span command     2-231

Remote Switched Port Analyzer


rename (boot loader) command     A-17

renew ip dhcp snooping database command     2-233


cluster     xvi

device manager     xvi

Network Assistant     xvi

reset (boot loader) command     A-18

reset command     2-524

resource templates, displaying     2-380

rmdir (boot loader) command     A-19

rmon collection stats command     2-235

root guard, for spanning tree     2-428


configuring     2-199

displaying     2-361

filter RSPAN traffic     2-199

remote-span command     2-231


add interfaces to     2-199

displaying     2-361

start new     2-199


sdm prefer command     2-236

SDM templates

displaying     2-380

secure ports, limitations     2-483

sending flow-control packets     2-83

service password-recovery command     2-238

service-policy command     2-240

set (boot loader) command     A-20

set command     2-242

setup command     2-244

setup express command     2-247

show access-lists command     2-249

show archive status command     2-252

show auto qos command     2-253

show boot command     2-257

show cable-diagnostics tdr command     2-259

show changes command     2-524

show class-map command     2-261

show cluster candidates command     2-264

show cluster command     2-262

show cluster members command     2-266

show controllers cpu-interface command     2-268

show controllers ethernet-controller command     2-270

show controllers tcam command     2-277

show controller utilization command     2-279

show current command     2-524

show dot1x command     2-281

show dtp     2-284

show env command     2-286

show errdisable detect command     2-287

show errdisable flap-values command     2-289

show errdisable recovery command     2-291

show etherchannel command     2-293

show flowcontrol command     2-296

show interfaces command     2-298

show interfaces counters command     2-305

show inventory command     2-307

show ip dhcp snooping binding command     2-309

show ip dhcp snooping command     2-308

show ip dhcp snooping database command     2-311

show ip igmp profile command     2-313

show ip igmp snooping command     2-314

show ip igmp snooping groups command     2-317

show ip igmp snooping mrouter command     2-319

show ip igmp snooping querier command     2-321

show lacp command     2-323

show mac access-group command     2-327

show mac address-table address command     2-331

show mac address-table aging time command     2-333

show mac address-table command     2-329

show mac address-table count command     2-335

show mac address-table dynamic command     2-337

show mac address-table interface command     2-339

show mac address-table notification command     2-341

show mac address-table static command     2-343

show mac address-table vlan command     2-345

show mls qos aggregate-policer command     2-348

show mls qos command     2-347

show mls qos input-queue command     2-349

show mls qos interface command     2-351

show mls qos maps command     2-355

show mls qos queue-set command     2-358

show mls qos vlan command     2-360

show monitor command     2-361

show mvr command     2-364

show mvr interface command     2-366

show mvr members command     2-368

show pagp command     2-370

show parser macro command     2-372

show platform acl command     C-2

show platform backup interface command     C-3

show platform etherchannel command     C-4

show platform forward command     C-5

show platform igmp snooping command     C-7

show platform layer4op command     C-9

show platform mac-address-table command     C-10

show platform messaging command     C-11

show platform monitor command     C-12

show platform mvr table command     C-13

show platform pm command     C-14

show platform port-asic command     C-15

show platform port-security command     C-20

show platform qos command     C-21

show platform resource-manager command     C-22

show platform snmp counters command     C-24

show platform spanning-tree command     C-25

show platform stp-instance command     C-26

show platform tcam command     C-27

show platform vlan command     C-29

show policy-map command     2-375

show port security command     2-377

show proposed command     2-524

show sdm prefer command     2-380

show setup express command     2-382

show spanning-tree command     2-383

show storm-control command     2-389

show system mtu command     2-391

show trust command     2-505

show udld command     2-392

show version command     2-395

show vlan command     2-397

show vlan command, fields     2-398

show vmps command     2-400

show vtp command     2-403

shutdown command     2-407

shutdown vlan command     2-408

Smartports macros

See macros

SNMP host, specifying     2-412

SNMP informs, enabling the sending of     2-409

snmp-server enable traps command     2-409

snmp-server host command     2-412

snmp trap mac-notification command     2-416

SNMP traps

enabling MAC address notification trap     2-416

enabling the MAC address notification feature     2-142

enabling the sending of     2-409


See Cisco SoftPhone

software images

deleting     2-58

downloading     2-5

software images (continued)

upgrading     2-5

uploading     2-11

software version, displaying     2-395

source ports, MVR     2-207


configuring     2-199

debug messages, display     B-18

displaying     2-361

filter SPAN traffic     2-199


add interfaces to     2-199

displaying     2-361

start new     2-199

spanning-tree backbonefast command     2-418

spanning-tree bpdufilter command     2-419

spanning-tree bpduguard command     2-421

spanning-tree cost command     2-423

spanning-tree etherchannel command     2-425

spanning-tree extend system-id command     2-427

spanning-tree guard command     2-428

spanning-tree link-type command     2-430

spanning-tree loopguard default command     2-432

spanning-tree mode command     2-434

spanning-tree mst configuration command     2-436

spanning-tree mst cost command     2-438

spanning-tree mst forward-time command     2-440

spanning-tree mst hello-time command     2-441

spanning-tree mst max-age command     2-442

spanning-tree mst max-hops command     2-443

spanning-tree mst port-priority command     2-444

spanning-tree mst priority command     2-446

spanning-tree mst root command     2-447

spanning-tree portfast (global configuration) command     2-451

spanning-tree portfast (interface configuration) command     2-453

spanning-tree port-priority command     2-449

Spanning Tree Protocol


spanning-tree uplinkfast command     2-455

spanning-tree vlan command     2-457

speed command     2-460

srr-queue bandwidth limit command     2-462

srr-queue bandwidth shape command     2-464

srr-queue bandwidth share command     2-466

SSH, configuring version     2-129

static-access ports, configuring     2-471

statistics, Ethernet group     2-235

sticky learning, enabling     2-481

storm-control command     2-468


BackboneFast     2-418

counters, clearing     2-39

debug messages, display

BackboneFast events     B-57

MSTP     B-60

optimized BPDUs handling     B-59

spanning-tree activity     B-55

switch shim     B-62

transmitted and received BPDUs     B-58

UplinkFast     B-64

detection of indirect link failures     2-418

EtherChannel misconfiguration     2-425

extended system ID     2-427

path cost     2-423

protocol modes     2-434

root port

accelerating choice of new     2-455

loop guard     2-428

preventing from becoming designated     2-428

restricting which can be root     2-428

root guard     2-428

UplinkFast     2-455

root switch

affects of extended system ID     2-427, 2-458

hello-time     2-457

STP (continued)

root switch (continued)

interval between BDPU messages     2-457

interval between hello BPDU messages     2-457

max-age     2-457

port priority for selection of     2-449

primary or secondary     2-457

switch priority     2-457

state changes

blocking to forwarding state     2-453

enabling BPDU filtering     2-419, 2-451

enabling BPDU guard     2-421, 2-451

enabling Port Fast     2-451, 2-453

enabling timer to recover from error state     2-81

forward-delay time     2-457

length of listening and learning states     2-457

shutting down Port Fast-enabled ports     2-451

state information display     2-383

VLAN options     2-446, 2-457

Switched Port Analyzer


switchport access command     2-471

switchport backup interface command     2-473

switchport block command     2-475

switchport host command     2-476

switchport mode command     2-477

switchport nonegotiate command     2-479

switchport port-security aging command     2-486

switchport port-security command     2-481

switchport priority extend command     2-488

switchport protected command     2-490

switchports, displaying     2-298

switchport trunk command     2-492

switchport voice vlan command     2-495

system message logging, save message to flash     2-135

system mtu command     2-497

system resource templates     2-236


tar files, creating, listing, and extracting     2-8

TDR, running     2-499

Telnet, using to communicate to cluster switches     2-229

temperature information, displaying     2-286

templates, SDM     2-236

templates, system resources     2-236

test cable-diagnostics tdr command     2-499

traceroute mac command     2-500

traceroute mac ip command     2-503

trunking, VLAN mode     2-477

trunk mode     2-477

trunk ports     2-477

trunks, to non-DTP device     2-478

trusted boundary for QoS     2-197

trusted port states for QoS     2-197

type (boot loader) command     A-23



aggressive mode     2-507, 2-509

debug messages, display     B-72

enable globally     2-507

enable per interface     2-509

error recovery timer     2-81

message timer     2-507

normal mode     2-507, 2-509

reset a shutdown interface     2-511

status     2-392

udld command     2-507

udld port command     2-509

udld reset command     2-511

unicast storm control     2-468

UniDirectional Link Detection


unknown multicast traffic, preventing     2-475

unknown unicast traffic, preventing     2-475

unset (boot loader) command     A-24


software images     2-5

monitoring status of     2-252

upgrading information

See release notes

UplinkFast, for STP     2-455

user EXEC mode     1-2


version (boot loader) command     A-26

vlan (global configuration) command     2-512

vlan (VLAN configuration) command     2-517

VLAN configuration

rules     2-515, 2-519

saving     2-512, 2-521

VLAN configuration mode


VLAN     2-517

VTP     2-535

description     1-4

entering     2-523

summary     1-2

vlan database command     2-523

VLAN ID range     2-512, 2-517

VLAN Query Protocol



adding     2-512

configuring     2-512, 2-517

debug messages, display

ISL     B-68

VLAN IOS file system error tests     B-67

VLAN manager activity     B-65

VTP     B-70

displaying configurations     2-397

extended-range     2-512

VLANs (continued)

MAC addresses

displaying     2-345

number of     2-335

media types     2-514, 2-519

normal-range     2-512, 2-517

restarting     2-408

saving the configuration     2-512

shutting down     2-408

SNMP traps for VTP     2-410, 2-413

suspending     2-408

variables     2-517

VLAN Trunking Protocol



configuring servers     2-529

displaying     2-400

error recovery timer     2-81

reconfirming dynamic VLAN assignments     2-526

vmps reconfirm (global configuration) command     2-527

vmps reconfirm (privileged EXEC) command     2-526

vmps retry command     2-528

vmps server command     2-529

voice VLAN

configuring     2-495

setting port priority     2-488


and dynamic-access ports     2-472

clearing client statistics     2-41

displaying information     2-400

per-server retry count     2-528

reconfirmation interval     2-527

reconfirming dynamic VLAN assignments     2-526


changing characteristics     2-531

clearing pruning counters     2-42


domain name     2-531, 2-535

file name     2-531

mode     2-531, 2-535

password     2-531, 2-535

counters display fields     2-404

displaying information     2-403


pruning     2-531, 2-535

Version 2     2-531, 2-535

mode     2-531, 2-535

pruning     2-531, 2-535

saving the configuration     2-512, 2-521

statistics     2-403

status     2-403

status display fields     2-405

vtp (global configuration) command     2-531

vtp (VLAN configuration) command     2-535