Cisco Virtual Security Gateway, Release 4.2(1)VSG1(4.1) and Cisco Virtual Network Management Center, Release 2.0 Installation and Upgrade Guide
Examples of Cisco VNMC OVA Template Deployment and Cisco VNMC ISO Installations
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Examples of Cisco VNMC OVA Template Deployment and Cisco VNMC ISO Installations

Examples of Cisco VNMC OVA Template Deployment and Cisco VNMC ISO Installations

This chapter contains the following sections:

OVA Installation Using vSphere 4.0 Installer

Before You Begin
  • Ensure that you have the Virtual Supervisor Module (VSM) IP address available
  • Ensure that you have all the proper networking information available, including the IP address you will use for your Cisco VNMC instance
    Step 1   Open your vSphere client.
    Step 2   Click Hosts and Clusters and choose a host.
    Step 3   From the toolbar, choose File > Deploy OVF Template.
    Step 4   In the Deploy OVF Template dialog box, choose an .ova file on your local machine, or choose a file from another location (URL).
    Step 5   Click Deploy from File.
    Step 6   Click Browse.
    Step 7   From the Open dialog box, choose the appropriate .ova file and click Open.
    Step 8   Click Next.

    The OVF Template Details dialog box appears inside the Deploy OVF Template dialog box. The OVF Template Details dialog box is the first of six pages in the Deploy OVF Template dialog box that you use to set parameters for the Cisco VNMC instance.

    Step 9   View your template details and click Next.
    Step 10   In the User License Agreement window, view the license and click Accept.
    Step 11   Click Next.
    Step 12   In the Name and Location window, do the following:
    1. In the Name field, enter a template name.
    2. In the Inventory Location area, choose the appropriate folder and click Next.
    Step 13   In the VNMC Installer window, from the Configuration drop-down list, choose VNMC Installer and click Next
    Step 14   Choose the appropriate network and click Next to open the Properties window .
    Step 15   In the IP Address area, enter an IP address in the IPv4 IP Address field and a gateway address in the IPv4 Gateway field.

    The netmask is defaulted to

    Step 16   In the VNMC DNS area, do the following:
    1. (Optional) Enter an IP address in the DNS field.
    2. In the VNMC DNS area, enter a hostname in the Host Name field and a domain name in the Domain Name field.
    Step 17   In the VNMC Password area, enter a password in the Password field or the Secret field.

    You enter the admin password in the Password field.

    Step 18   Verify that a value is entered in the following fields of the VNMC Restore area:
    • RestoreFile
    • RestoreIP
    • RestorePassword
    • RestoreProto
    • RestoreUser
    Step 19   Click Next. The Ready to Complete dialog box opens.
    Step 20   View your installation settings and click Finish.

    The progress dialog box appears. Once the virtual machine is installed, the Deployment Completed Successfully dialog box opens.

    Step 21   Click Close.

    The Cisco VNMC instance is created.

    OVA Installation Using an ISO Image

      Step 1   Download a Cisco VNMC ISO to your client machine.
      Step 2   Open a vCenter client.
      Step 3   Create a virtual machine on the appropriate host as follows:
      1. Ensure your virtual machine size is 20 GB.
      2. Ensure your virtual machine has 2 GB of RAM.
      3. Choose Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 64-bit as your operating system.
      Step 4   Power on your virtual machine.
      Step 5   Mount the ISO to the virtual machine CD ROM drive as follows:
      1. Right-click the virtual machine and choose Open the VM Console.
      2. From the virtual machine console, click Connect/Disconnect CD/DVD Devices.
      3. Choose CD/DVD Drive1.
      4. Choose Connect to ISO Image on Local Disk.
      5. Choose the ISO image that you downloaded.
      Step 6   Reboot the VM using VM, Guest, and press Ctrl-Alt-Del.
      Step 7   In the ISO installer, enter the appropriate values in the ISO installer field.
      Step 8   Once installation is completed, click Reboot to create the Cisco VNMC instance.