Cisco Nexus 1000V Quality of Service Configuration Guide, Release 4.2(1)SV1(5.2)
Monitoring QoS Statistics
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Monitoring QoS Statistics

Monitoring QoS Statistics

This chapter contains the following sections:

Information About QoS Statistics

Statistics are maintained for each policy, class action, and match criteria per interface. You can enable or disable the collection of statistics globally using the [no] qos statistics command. You can display statistics using the show policy-map interface command, and you can clear statistics based on an interface or policy map with the clear qos statistics command. Statistics are enabled by default and can be disabled globally.

Prerequisites for Monitoring QoS Statistics

You are logged in to the CLI in EXEC mode.

Enabling QoS Statistics

You can enable or disable QoS statistics for all interfaces on the device.


By default, QoS statistics are enabled.

     Command or ActionPurpose
    Step 1switch# configure terminal  

    Enters global configuration mode.

    Step 2switch(config)# qos statistics 

    Enables QoS statistics on all interfaces.

    Step 3switch(config)# show policy-map interface  (Optional)

    Displays the status of the global statistics and the configured policy maps on all interfaces.

    Step 4switch(config)# copy running-config startup-config  (Optional)

    Saves the running configuration persistently through reboots and restarts by copying it to the startup configuration.

    switch# config terminal
    switch(config)# qos statistics
    switch(config)# show policy-map interface
    switch(config)# copy running-config startup-config

    Displaying QoS Statistics

    Before You Begin

    You know the interface for which statistics are needed.


    Statistics for individual interfaces are often the most useful.

       Command or ActionPurpose
      Step 1switch# show policy-map [policy-map-name | interface [brief | ethernet interface_number | output type qos | port-channel number | vethernet interface_number | input type qos] | type qos] 

      Displays the specified statistics.

      To achieve the best result when your system has a large number of policies, use this command with specific arguments, such as specifying a particular interface or port channel.

      • Use the interface keyword with the following keywords to display the service policy on an interface:

        • brief—displays a brief report of all policies attached to interfaces

        • ethernet—displays statistics for an Ethernet interface.

        • input type qos—displays statistics for QoS input policies.

        • output type qos—displays statistics for QoS output policies.

        • port-channel—displays statistics for a port channel interface.

        • vethernet—displays the statistics for a vEthernet interface.

      • Use the type qos keyword to display the type of policy map.

      switch# show policy-map interface ethernet 2/1

      Clearing QoS Statistics

         Command or ActionPurpose
        Step 1switch # clear qos statistics [interface {ethernet interface_number | port-channel number | vethernet interface_number | output type qos | input type qos}]  

        Clears the specified QoS statistics.

        switch# clear qos statistics type qos

        Configuration Example for QoS Statistics

        This example shows how to display statistics for policy maps that are configured on interfaces:

        switch(config)# show policy-map interface
        Global statistics status :   enabled
          Service-policy (qos) input:   new-policy 
            policy statistics status:   enabled
            Class-map (qos):   class-default (match-any)
              59610700 packets 
              set prec 5
          Service-policy (qos) output:   new-policer 
            policy statistics status:   enabled
            Class-map (qos):   new-class (match-all)
              344661013 packets 
              Match: precedence 5
              police cir 900 mbps bc 200 ms 
                conformed 505953339796 bytes, 899924196 bps action: transmit 
                violated 12285218014 bytes, 22283000 bps action: drop 

        This example shows how to display statistics for a specific IPv4 access control list (ACL):

        switch(config)# show ip access-lists protoacl
        IP access list protoacl
                statistics per-entry 
                10 permit icmp 
                20 permit tcp dscp af11 
                30 permit udp precedence critical 
                50 permit ip 
                60 permit ip dscp af11 
                70 permit ip precedence critical

        This example shows how to display the status of the global statistics and the configured policy maps on a specific interface:

        switch(config)# show policy-map interface vethernet 3
        Global statistics status :   enabled
          Service-policy (qos) input:   policy-protoacl
            policy statistics status:   enabled
            Class-map (qos):   class-protoacl (match-any)
              132 packets 
              Match: access-group protoacl
                132 packets 
              set qos-group 100


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        Feature History for QoS Statistics

        This section provides the QoS statistics release history.

        Feature Name


        Feature Information

        QoS Statistics


        This feature was introduced