Interfaces Configuration Guide, Cisco DCNM for SAN, Release 6.x
New and Changed Information
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New and Changed Information

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New and Changed Information

New and Changed Information

As of Cisco DCNM Release 6.x, Cisco Fabric Manager and Cisco Data Center Network Manager for LAN are merged into one unified product called Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) that can manage both LAN and SAN environments. As a part of this product merger, the name Cisco DCNM for SAN replaces the name Cisco Fabric Manager.

The following documentation changes support the merged Cisco DCNM product:

Cisco DCNM product documentation for Cisco DCNM Release 6.x is retitled with the name Cisco DCNM for LAN.

Cisco Fabric Manager product documentation for Cisco DCNM Release 6.x is retitled with the name Cisco DCNM for SAN.

Cisco DCNM for SAN product documentation is now published to the Data Center Network Manager listing page on

This URL is also the listing page for Cisco DCNM for LAN product documentation.

Cisco Fabric Manager documentation for software releases earlier than Cisco DCNM Release 6.x, retains the name Cisco Fabric Manager and remains available at its current listing page:

You should continue to use the Cisco Fabric Manager documentation if you are using a release of Cisco Fabric Manager software that is earlier than Cisco DCNM Release 6.x.

The name DCNM-SAN is used in place of Cisco DCNM for SAN in the user interface of Cisco Data Center Network Manager; likewise, the name DCNM-LAN is used in place of Cisco DCNM for LAN in the user interface. To match the user interface, the product documentation also uses the names DCNM-SAN and DCNM-LAN.

The following new publications support both Cisco DCNM for LAN and DCNM for SAN, and address the new licensing model, the new installation process, and the new features of Cisco DCNM:

Cisco DCNM Installation and Licensing Guide

Cisco DCNM Release Notes

For a complete list of Cisco DCNM documentation, see the "Related Documentation" section in the Preface.

As of Cisco MDS NX-OS Release 4.2(1), software configuration information is available in new feature-specific configuration guides for the following information:

System management



Quality of service


IP services

High availability and redundancy

The information in these new guides previously existed in the Cisco MDS 9000 Family CLI Configuration Guide and in the Cisco MDS 9000 Family Fabric Manager Configuration Guide. Those configuration guides remain available on and should be used for all software releases prior to Fabric Manager Release 5.0(1a). Each guide addresses the features introduced in or available in a particular release. Select and view the configuration guide that pertains to the software installed in your switch.

For a complete list of document titles, see the list of Related Documentation in the "Preface."

About This Guide

Table 1 lists the New and Changed features for this guide, starting with MDS NX-OS Release 6.x.

Table 1 New and Changed Features 

GUI Change
Changed in Release
Where Documented

Port Monitor Enhancements

Configuring Port Monitor Policy

Added information about the feature Port Monitor Port Guard and three new counters for the port monitor command.


Chapter 2 "Configuring Interfaces"


Disable FlexAttach

Added information about disabling FlexAttach.


Chapter 8 "Configuring FlexAttach Virtual pWWN"

Port Group Monitoring Enhancements

Check Oversubscription > Monitor

Added information about monitoring a selected port group.


Chapter 2 "Configuring Interfaces"