Cisco MDS 9000 Family Storage Media Encryption Configuration Guide
Migrating Cisco SME Database Tables
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Migrating Cisco SME Database Tables

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Migrating Cisco SME Database Tables

Migrating Cisco SME Database Tables

This appendix describes a database migration utility and also outlines the steps you need to follow to migrate Cisco SME tables from one database to another database.

The database migration utility transfers contents of database tables in Oracle Express installation or in PostgreSQL to an Oracle Enterprise installation.

This utility is packaged in the Cisco Fabric Manager CD starting from NX-OS Software Release 4.1(3) and is available at /software/

Note The Fabric Manager should be installed, before the migration process, using the destination database so that Fabric Manager tables gets created in the destination database.

To migrate database files from the source database to the destination database, follow these steps:

Step 1 Extract the contents of the file to your directory folder. The contents of the file will be as follows:





Step 2 Right-click the file to open in a text editor. Modify the existing database URL, type, and user name and the destination database URL, type, and user name.

Step 3 To migrate the data files, run the following shell script or batch file:

sh (for Unix)

smedbmigrate.bat (for Windows)

The shell script or the batch file can be executed from any server that has to access to both the source database and the destination database.

Step 4 Enter passwords for the source and destination database when prompted.

The sample output would be as follows:

[root@test-vm-236 SMEdbmigrate]# ./ 
[INFO] File /root/download/SMEdbmigrate/ found
Please enter the passsword for user admin on source database 
jdbc:postgresql:// **********
Please enter the passsword for user admin on destination database 
jdbc:postgresql:// **********
*[INFO] Migrating database from jdbc:postgresql:// to 
[INFO] Migration Start for SME_SETTINGS
[INFO] Migration complete
[root@test-vm-236 SMEdbmigrate]#

Note Run a key retrieval operation to confirm that the migration has been successful.