Cisco ONS SONET TL1 Command Guide, Release 9.1
Chapter 3: APPLY Commands
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APPLY Commands

Table Of Contents

APPLY Commands

3.1  APPLY

APPLY Commands

This chapter provides apply (APPLY) commands for the Cisco ONS 15310-CL, Cisco ONS 15310-MA, Cisco ONS 15454, and Cisco ONS 15600.

3.1  APPLY

(Cisco ONS 15454, 15327, 15600, 15310) The Apply (APPLY) command activates or reverts a software load during a software upgrade or downgrade process.

Usage Guidelines

An error will be generated if you attempt to activate an older software load or attempt to revert to a newer software load.


File Transfer



Input Format


Input Example


Input Parameters


(Optional) Memory switch action during the software upgrade. The parameter type is DL_TYPE, which indicates the software download type. The default value is ACT.


(ONS 15600) Activates to a newer software load on the active controller card and resets the active card.


(ONS 15600) Cancels the software download.


Reverts to an older software load during software download.


Activates to a new software load. (For ONS 15600, the new software load is activated on the standby controller card only).