Cisco Prime Optical Database Schema, 9.3
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This document describes the database schema that Cisco Prime Optical uses to store information in a Structured Query Language (SQL) database such as the Oracle database. The document is designed for users who need to create their own reports without using Prime Optical.

Note The Prime Optical schema is subject to change.

Various schema objects (tables, views, and functions) form the schema for Prime Optical in the Oracle database. The following information is stored in the Oracle database:

Network element (NE) information

Gateway network element (GNE) information

Topology information

Interface tables

Performance monitoring (PM) data

SONET and SDH PM data

Active alarm information

Alarm and event logs

Log tables

Administrative job and task information

Port status

NE service-related configuration information


This document contains the following information:

Chapter 1, "Database Schema Tables"

Table descriptions.

Chapter 2, "Database Schema Views"

Descriptions of the database views created and used by Prime Optical.

Chapter 3, "Database Schema Functions"

Functions defined in Prime Optical tables.

Appendix A, "Oracle Built-In Data Types"

List of Oracle data types.

Appendix B, "Config_Table Parameters"

Configuration information.


The primary audience for this guide includes network operations personnel and system administrators. This guide assumes the reader is familiar with the following products and topics:

Basic internetworking terminology and concepts

Network topology and protocols

Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional, and Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server

Sun Microsystems Solaris or Linux Red Hat administration

Oracle database administration


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Related Documentation

Note You can access the most current Prime Optical documentation online at

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Cisco Prime Optical 9.3 Database Schema—This guide.

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Note To obtain the Cisco Prime Optical 9.3 High Availability Installation Guide, contact your Cisco account representative.

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