Cisco IOS Network Management Configuration Guide, Release 12.2SR

This configuration guide contains Cisco IOS features that are supported in many different software release trains and onmany different platforms. Some of the features that are included in this configuration guide may not be supported in yourCisco IOS software release train. This configuration guide may contain information that is not specific to a particularplatform or release; however, platform differences and feature release information are included in this guide.

Someconfiguration guides contain content that may be superseded by documentation from a later release. For example, new featurecontent introduced in Release 12.4 or Release 12.2SR could supersede configuration content that is based on Release 12.2.

Any Internet Protocol (IP) addresses used in this guide are not intended to be actual addresses. Any examples,configuration sample output, and figures included in this guide are shown for illustrative purposes only. Any use of actualIP addresses in illustrative content is unintentional and coincidental.

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