Cisco Mobile Wireless Home Agent Release 5.2 for Cisco IOS Release 12.4(22)YD2
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3GPP2—3rd Generation Partnership Project 2

AAA—Authentication, Authorization and Accounting

AH—Authentication Header

APN—Access Point Name

BG—Border Gateway

BSC—Base Station Controller

BSS—Base Station Subsystem

BTS—Base Transceiver Station

CHAP—Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol

CoA—Care-Of Address

DSCP—Differentiated Services Code Point

DNS—Domain Name Server

ESN—Electronic Serial Number

FA—Foreign Agent

FAC—Foreign Agent Challenge (also FA-CHAP)

HA—Home Agent

HDLC—High-Level Data Link Control

HLR—Home Location Register

HSRP—Hot Standby Router Protocol

IP—Internet Protocol

IPCP—IP Control Protocol


ISP—Internet Service Provider

ITU—International Telecommunications Union

L2_Relay—Layer Two Relay protocol (Cisco proprietary)

L2TP—Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol

LCP—Link Control Protocol

LNS—L2TP Network Server

MAC—Medium Access Control

MEID—Mobile Equipment Identifier

MIP—Mobile IP

MS—Mobile Station (= TE + MT)

MT—Mobile Termination

NAI—Network Access Identifier

NAS—Network Access Server

P-MIP—Proxy-Mobile IP

PAP—Password Authentication Protocol

PCF—Packet Control Function

PDN—Packet Data Network

PDSN—Packet Data Serving Node

PPP—Point-to-Point Protocol

PPTP—Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol

SLA—Service Level Agreement

TE—Terminal Equipment

TID—Tunnel Identifier

VPDN—Virtual Packet Data Network