Cisco IOS Voice Command Reference - S commands
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S -



sccp blf-speed-dial retry-interval
sccp ccm
sccp ccm group
sccp codec mask
sccp ip precedence
sccp local
sccp plar
sccp switchback timeout guard
sdspfarm tag
sdspfarm transcode sessions
sdspfarm units
security acl
security izct
security mode
server (RLM)
server (auto-config application)
server (presence)
server absent reject
server flow-control
server registration-port
server routing
server trigger arq
server trigger brq
server trigger drq
server trigger irr
server trigger lcf
server trigger lrj
server trigger lrq
server trigger rai
server trigger rrq
server trigger urq
service dsapp
service-flow primary upstream
service-type call-check
session group
session protocol (Voice over Frame Relay)
session protocol (dial peer)
session protocol aal2
session protocol multicast
session refresh
session start
session target (MMoIP dial peer)
session target (POTS dial peer)
session target (VoATM dial peer)
session target (VoFR dial peer)
session target (VoIP dial peer)
session transport
session transport (H.323 voice-service)
session transport (SIP)
set http client cache stale
set pstn-cause
set sip-status
settlement roam-pattern
sgcp call-agent
sgcp graceful-shutdown
sgcp max-waiting-delay
sgcp modem passthru
sgcp quarantine-buffer disable
sgcp request retries
sgcp request timeout
sgcp restart
sgcp retransmit timer
sgcp timer
sgcp tse payload
show aal2 profile
show atm video-voice address
show auto-config
show backhaul-session-manager group
show backhaul-session-manager session
show backhaul-session-manager set
show call accounting-template voice
show call active
show call active fax
show call active media
show call active total-calls
show call application app-level
show call application gateway-level
show call application interface
show call application services registry
show call application session-level
show call application sessions
show call application voice
show call fallback cache
show call fallback config
show call fallback stats
show call filter
show call history fax
show call history media
show call history video
show call history video record
show call history voice
show call language voice
show call leg
show call media forking
show call prompt-mem-usage
show call resource voice stats
show call resource voice threshold
show call rsvp-sync conf
show call rsvp-sync stats
show call spike status
show call threshold
show call treatment
show call-router routes
show call-router status
show callmon
show ccm-manager
show cdapi
show ces clock-select
show connect
show controllers rs366
show controllers timeslots
show controllers voice
show crm
show csm
show csm call
show cube debug category codes
show cube status
show debug condition
show dial-peer
show dial-peer video
show dial-peer voice
show dialplan dialpeer
show dialplan in-carrier
show dialplan in-trunk-group-label
show dialplan incall
show dialplan incall uri
show dialplan number
show dialplan uri
show dn-numbers
show dsp-group
show dspfarm
show dspfarm profile
show echo-cancel
show event-manager consumers
show frame-relay vofr
show gatekeeper calls
show gatekeeper circuits
show gatekeeper cluster
show gatekeeper endpoint circuits
show gatekeeper endpoints
show gatekeeper gw-type-prefix
show gatekeeper performance statistics
show gatekeeper servers
show gatekeeper status
show gatekeeper status cluster
show gatekeeper zone cluster
show gatekeeper zone prefix
show gatekeeper zone status
show gateway
show h323 calls preserved
show h323 gateway
show h323 gateway prefixes
show http client cache
show http client cookie
show http client history
show http client secure status
show http client statistics
show interface dspfarm
show interfaces cable-modem
show iua as
show iua asp
show media resource status
show mediacard
show mgcp
show mgcp connection
show mgcp endpoint
show mgcp nas
show mgcp profile
show mgcp srtp
show mgcp statistics
show modem relay statistics
show monitor event-trace voip ccsip (EXEC)
show mrcp client session active
show mrcp client session history
show mrcp client statistics hostname
show mwi relay clients
show nextport
show nextport vpd
show num-exp
show piafs status
show pots csm
show pots status
show pots volume
show presence global
show presence subscription
show proxy h323 calls
show proxy h323 detail-call
show proxy h323 status
show raw
show rawmsg
show rlm group statistics
show rlm group status
show rlm group timer
show rpms-proc counters
show rtpspi
show rtsp client session
show rudpv0 failures
show rudpv0 statistics
show rudpv1
show sccp
show sccp ccm group
show sccp connections details
show sccp connections internal
show sccp connections rsvp
show sccp connections summary
show sccp server statistics
show sdspfarm
show settlement
show sgcp connection
show sgcp endpoint
show sgcp statistics
show shared-line
show sip dhcp
show sip service
show sip-ua
show sip-ua calls
show sip-ua connections
show sip-ua map
show sip-ua min-se
show sip-ua mwi
show sip-ua register status
show sip-ua retry
show sip-ua service
show sip-ua status
show sip-ua status refer-ood
show sip-ua timers
show spe voice
show ss7 mtp1 channel-id
show ss7 mtp1 links
show ss7 mtp2 ccb
show ss7 mtp2 state
show ss7 mtp2 stats
show ss7 mtp2 timer
show ss7 mtp2 variant
show ss7 sm session
show ss7 sm set
show ss7 sm stats
show stcapp buffer-history
show stcapp device
show stcapp feature codes
show stcapp statistics
show subscription
show subscription local
show tbct
show tdm mapping
show tgrep neighbors
show translation-rule
show trunk group
show trunk hdlc
show vdev
show vfc
show vfc cap-list
show vfc default-file
show vfc directory
show vfc version
show video call summary
show voice accounting method
show voice accounting response pending
show voice busyout
show voice cable-status
show voice call
show voice call rate
show voice cause-code
show voice class called-number
show voice class called-number-pool
show voice class e164-pattern-map
show voice class phone-proxy
show voice class resource-group
show voice class uri
show voice connectivity summary
show voice data
show voice dnis-map
show voice dsmp stream
show voice dsp
show voice dsp channel
show voice dsp crash-dump
show voice dsp summary
show voice eddri prefix
show voice enum-match-table
show voice hpi capture
show voice iec description
show voice lmr
show voice pcm capture
show voice permanent-call
show voice port
show voice source-group
show voice statistics csr interval accounting
show voice statistics csr interval aggregation
show voice statistics csr since-reset accounting
show voice statistics csr since-reset aggregation-level
show voice statistics csr since-reset all
show voice statistics iec
show voice statistics interval-tag
show voice statistics memory-usage
show voice trace
show voice translation-profile
show voice translation-rule
show voice trunk-condit
show voice trunk-conditioning signaling
show voice vtsp
show voip debug version
show voip fpi
show voip fpi calls
show voip fpi stats
show voip htsp
show voip recmsp session
show voip rtp connections
show voip rtp forking
show voip trunk group
show vrm active_calls
show vrm vdevices
show vsp
show wsapi
show xcsp port
show xcsp slot
shutdown (Annex G neighbor)
shutdown (Annex G)
shutdown (DSP Farm profile)
shutdown (RLM)
shutdown (auto-config application)
shutdown (dial-peer)
shutdown (gatekeeper)
shutdown (gateway)
shutdown (mediacard)
shutdown (settlement)
shutdown (voice-port)
signal did
signal keepalive
signal pattern
signal sequence oos
signal timing idle suppress-voice
signal timing oos
signal timing oos restart
signal timing oos slave-standby
signal timing oos suppress-all
signal timing oos suppress-voice
signal timing oos timeout
signaling forward
signaling forward (dial peer)
snmp enable peer-trap dscp-profile
snmp enable peer-trap poor-qov
snmp-server enable traps voice (DSCP profile)
source carrier-id
source filter
source trunk-group-label
source-address (uc-wsapi)
speed dial
srtp (dial peer)
srtp (voice)
srtp negotiate
srv version
ss7 mtp2-variant
ss7 mtp2-variant bellcore
ss7 mtp2-variant itu
ss7 mtp2-variant itu-white
ss7 mtp2-variant ntt
ss7 mtp2-variant ttc
ss7 session
ss7 session cumack_t
ss7 session kp_t
ss7 session m_cumack
ss7 session m_outseq
ss7 session m_rcvnum
ss7 session m_retrans
ss7 session retrans_t
ss7 set
ss7 set failover-timer
station-id name
station-id number
stcapp call-control mode
stcapp ccm-group
stcapp feature access-code
stcapp feature callback
stcapp feature speed-dial
stcapp register capability
stcapp security mode
stcapp security trustpoint
stcapp supplementary-services
stcapp timer
stun flowdata agent-id
stun flowdata catlife
stun flowdata keepalive
stun flowdata shared-secret
stun usage firewall-traversal flowdata
stun usage ice
subscription asnl session history
subscription maximum
supervisory answer dualtone
supervisory custom-cptone
supervisory disconnect
supervisory disconnect anytone
supervisory disconnect dualtone
supervisory disconnect dualtone voice-class
supervisory disconnect lcfo
supervisory dualtone-detect-params
supervisory sit us
supplementary-service h225-notify cid-update (dal peer)
supplementary-service h225-notify cid-update (voice-service)
supplementary-service h450.12 (dial peer)
supplementary-service h450.12 (voice-service)
supplementary-service h450.2 (dial peer)
supplementary-service h450.2 (voice-service)
supplementary-service h450.3 (dial peer)
supplementary-service h450.3 (voice-service)
supplementary-service h450.7
supplementary-service media-renegotiate
supplementary-service qsig call-forward
supported language
suspend-resume (SIP)
switchback interval
switchback method
switchover method