Cisco IOS IP Switching Command Reference
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C - I - M - S - T -



cef table consistency-check
cef table download
cef table output-chain build
cef table rate-monitor-period
clear adjacency
clear adjacency epoch
clear cef interface
clear cef linecard
clear cef load-balance statistics
clear cef table
clear ip cache
clear ip cef epoch
clear ip cef epoch full
clear ip cef event-log
clear ip cef inconsistency
clear ip cef prefix-statistics
clear ip mds
clear ip mds forwarding
clear ip mds linecard
clear ip traffic
clear mls cef ip accounting per-prefix
clear pxf


ip cache-invalidate-delay
ip cef
ip cef accounting
ip cef linecard ipc memory
ip cef load-sharing algorithm
ip cef optimize neighbor resolution
ip cef table adjacency-prefix
ip cef table consistency-check
ip cef table event-log
ip cef table resolution-timer
ip cef traffic-statistics
ip load-sharing
ip route-cache
ip route-cache policy
ip verify unicast notification threshold
ip verify unicast reverse-path
ip verify unicast source reachable-via
ip verify unicast vrf
ipv6 cef
ipv6 cef accounting
ipv6 cef distributed
ipv6 cef load-sharing algorithm
ipv6 cef optimize neighbor resolution
ipv6 verify unicast
ipv6 verify unicast reverse-path


mls cef maximum-routes
mls cef tunnel fragment
mls erm priority
mls ip
mls ip cef accounting per-prefix
mls ip cef load-sharing
mls ip cef rate-limit
mls ip cef rpf hw-enable-rpf-acl
mls ip cef rpf interface-group
mls ip cef rpf multipath
monitor elog trigger position
monitor event-trace (EXEC)
monitor event-trace (global)
monitor event-trace cef (EXEC)
monitor event-trace cef (global)
monitor event-trace cef ipv4 (global)
monitor event-trace cef ipv6 (global)


show adjacency
show cef
show cef drop
show cef events
show cef features global
show cef interface
show cef interface policy-statistics
show cef linecard
show cef memory
show cef not-cef-switched
show cef state
show cef subtree context client
show cef table
show cef table download priority
show cef timers
show cef vrf
show interface stats
show interfaces switching
show ip cache
show ip cef
show ip cef adjacency
show ip cef epoch
show ip cef events
show ip cef inconsistency
show ip cef non-recursive
show ip cef platform
show ip cef summary
show ip cef switching statistics
show ip cef traffic prefix-length
show ip cef tree
show ip cef unresolved
show ip cef vlan
show ip cef vrf
show ip cef with epoch
show ip cef with source
show ip mds forwarding
show ip mds interface
show ip mds stats
show ip mds summary
show ip traffic
show ipv6 cef with epoch
show ipv6 cef with source
show mls cef
show mls cef adjacency
show mls cef exact-route
show mls cef exception
show mls cef hardware
show mls cef inconsistency
show mls cef ip
show mls cef ip multicast
show mls cef ipv6
show mls cef ipx
show mls cef logging
show mls cef lookup
show mls cef mac
show mls cef maximum-routes
show mls cef mpls
show mls cef rpf
show mls cef statistics
show mls cef summary
show mls cef vrf
show mls ip cef rpf-table
show mls ip non-static
show mls ip routes
show mls ip static
show mls ip statistics
show mls table-contention
show monitor event-trace
show monitor event-trace adjacency
show monitor event-trace cef
show monitor event-trace cef events
show monitor event-trace cef interface
show monitor event-trace cef ipv4
show monitor event-trace cef ipv6
show monitor event-trace continuous
show monitor event-trace cpu-report
show monitor event-trace hw-api
show monitor event-trace merged-list
show pxf accounting
show pxf cpu access-lists
show pxf cpu atom
show pxf cpu bba
show pxf cpu buffers
show pxf cpu cef
show pxf cpu context
show pxf cpu feedback
show pxf cpu iedge
show pxf cpu ipv6
show pxf cpu mpls
show pxf cpu mroute
show pxf cpu pbr action
show pxf cpu police
show pxf cpu policy-data
show pxf cpu qos
show pxf cpu queue
show pxf cpu reasm_index
show pxf cpu statistics
show pxf cpu subblocks
show pxf cpu vcci
show pxf crash
show pxf dma
show pxf feature cef
show pxf feature cef vrf
show pxf feature nat
show pxf interface
show pxf microcode
show pxf netflow
show pxf stall-monitoring
show pxf statistics
show pxf xcm
show route-map ipc
show xdr
snmp mib cef throttling-interval
snmp-server enable traps cef
snmp-server host
switchover pxf restart


test cef table consistency