Cisco IOS IP Multicast Command Reference
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beacon (multicast routing monitor)


class-map type multicast-flows
clear ip cgmp
clear ip dvmrp route
clear ip igmp group
clear ip igmp snooping filter statistics
clear ip igmp snooping statistics
clear ip mfib counters
clear ip mrm status-report
clear ip mroute
clear ip msdp peer
clear ip msdp sa-cache
clear ip msdp statistics
clear ip multicast limit
clear ip multicast re
clear ip pgm host
clear ip pgm router
clear ip pim auto-rp
clear ip pim interface count
clear ip pim rp-mapping
clear ip pim snooping statistics
clear ip pim snooping vlan
clear ip rtp header-compression
clear ip sap
clear ip sdr
clear mls ip multicast bidir-rpcache
clear mls ip multicast group
clear mls ip multicast statistics
clear router-guard ip multicast statistics


group (multicast-flows)


ip cgmp
ip domain multicast
ip dvmrp accept-filter
ip dvmrp auto-summary
ip dvmrp default-information
ip dvmrp interoperability
ip dvmrp metric
ip dvmrp metric-offset
ip dvmrp output-report-delay
ip dvmrp reject-non-pruners
ip dvmrp route-limit
ip dvmrp routehog-notification
ip dvmrp summary-address
ip dvmrp unicast-routing
ip igm
ip igmp access-group
ip igmp explicit-tracking
ip igmp helper-address
ip igmp helper-address (UDL)
ip igmp immediate-leave
ip igmp immediate-leave group-list
ip igmp join-group
ip igmp last-member-query-count
ip igmp last-member-query-interval
ip igmp limit (global)
ip igmp limit (interface)
ip igmp mroute-proxy
ip igmp proxy-service
ip igmp querier-timeout
ip igmp query-interval
ip igmp snooping
ip igmp snooping access-group
ip igmp snooping explicit-tracking
ip igmp snooping explicit-tracking limit
ip igmp snooping fast-leave
ip igmp snooping flooding
ip igmp snooping l2-entry-limit
ip igmp snooping limit
ip igmp snooping limit track
ip igmp snooping minimum-version
ip igmp snooping mrouter
ip igmp snooping querier
ip igmp snooping rate
ip igmp snooping source-only-learning age-timer
ip igmp snooping ssm-safe-reporting
ip igmp snooping static
ip igmp snooping t
ip igmp snooping tcn flood
ip igmp snooping tcn query solicit
ip igmp snooping vlan
ip igmp snooping vlan mrouter
ip igmp ssm-map
ip igmp ssm-map query
ip igmp static-group
ip igmp tcn query
ip igmp unidirectional-link
ip igmp v3lite
ip igmp version
ip mfib
ip mfib cef
ip mfib forwarding
ip mrm
ip mrm accept-manager
ip mrm manager
ip mroute
ip mroute-cache
ip msdp border
ip msdp cache-rejected-sa
ip msdp cache-sa-state
ip msdp default-peer
ip msdp description
ip msdp filter-sa-request
ip msdp keepalive
ip msdp mesh-group
ip msdp originator-id
ip msdp password peer
ip msdp peer
ip msdp redistribute
ip msdp rpf rfc3618
ip msdp sa-filter in
ip msdp sa-filter out
ip msdp sa-limit
ip msdp sa-request
ip msdp shutdown
ip msdp timer
ip msdp ttl-threshold
ip multicast
ip multicast boundary
ip multicast cache-headers
ip multicast default-rpf-distance
ip multicast group-range
ip multicast hardware-switching non-rpf aging
ip multicast hardware-switching replication-mode
ip multicast heartbeat
ip multicast helper-map
ip multicast limit
ip multicast limit cost
ip multicast multipath
ip multicast oif-per-mvrf-limit
ip multicast rate-limit
ip multicast redundancy routeflush maxtime
ip multicast route-limit
ip multicast rpf backoff
ip multicast rpf interval
ip multicast rpf mofrr
ip multicast rpf proxy vector
ip multicast rpf select
ip multicast rpf select topology
ip multicast rsvp
ip multicast source-per-group-limit
ip multicast topology
ip multicast total-oif-limit
ip multicast ttl-threshold
ip multicast use-functional
ip multicast-routing
ip pgm host
ip pgm router
ip pim
ip pim accept-register
ip pim accept-rp
ip pim allow-rp
ip pim autorp listener
ip pim bidir-enable
ip pim bidir-neighbor-filter
ip pim bidir-offer-interval
ip pim bidir-offer-limit
ip pim border
ip pim bsr-border
ip pim bsr-candidate
ip pim bsr-candidate loopback
ip pim dm-fallback
ip pim dr-priority
ip pim log-neighbor-changes
ip pim maximum group-mappings
ip pim minimum-vc-rate
ip pim multipoint-signalling
ip pim nbma-mode
ip pim neighbor-filter
ip pim passive
ip pim query-interval
ip pim redundancy
ip pim register-rate-limit
ip pim register-source
ip pim rp-address
ip pim rp-announce-filter
ip pim rp-candidate
ip pim send-rp-announce
ip pim send-rp-discovery
ip pim snooping (global configuration)
ip pim snooping (interface configuration)
ip pim snooping dr-flood
ip pim snooping suppress sgr-prune
ip pim sparse sg-expiry-timer
ip pim spt-threshold
ip pim ssm
ip pim state-refresh disable
ip pim state-refresh origination-interval
ip pim v1-rp-reachability
ip pim vc-count
ip pim version
ip rgmp
ip sap cache-timeout
ip sap listen
ip sdr cache-timeout
ip sdr listen
ip service reflect
ip urd
ipv6 mfib
ipv6 mfib cef output
ipv6 mfib fast
ipv6 mfib forwarding
ipv6 mfib hardware-switching
ipv6 mfib-cef
ipv6 mfib-mode centralized-only
ipv6 mld
ipv6 mld access-group
ipv6 mld explicit-tracking
ipv6 mld host-proxy
ipv6 mld host-proxy interface
ipv6 mld join-group
ipv6 mld limit
ipv6 mld router
ipv6 mld snooping
ipv6 mld snooping limit
ipv6 mld snooping mrouter
ipv6 mld snooping querier
ipv6 mld snooping report-suppression
ipv6 mld ssm-map
ipv6 mld ssm-map query
ipv6 mld state-limit
ipv6 mld static-group
ipv6 multicast
ipv6 multicast aaa account receive
ipv6 multicast group-range
ipv6 multicast limit
ipv6 multicast limit cost
ipv6 multicast limit rate
ipv6 multicast multipath
ipv6 multicast pim-passive-enable
ipv6 multicast rpf
ipv6 multicast rpf select
ipv6 pim
ipv6 pim accept-register
ipv6 pim allow-rp
ipv6 pim anycast-RP
ipv6 pim bsr border
ipv6 pim bsr candidate bsr
ipv6 pim bsr candidate rp
ipv6 pim dr-priority
ipv6 pim maximum group-mappings
ipv6 pim neighbor-filter list
ipv6 pim passive
ipv6 pim rp embedded
ipv6 pim rp-address
ipv6 pim spt-threshold infinity


mdt auto-discovery pim
mdt data
mdt data mpls mldp
mdt default
mdt log-reuse
mdt preference
mls ip multicast (global configuration)
mls ip multicast (interface configuration)
mls ip multicast bidir gm-scan-interval
mls ip multicast connected
mls ip multicast consistency-check
mls ip multicast flow-stat-timer
mls ip multicast non-rpf aging
mls ip multicast replication-mode
mls ip multicast sso
mls ip multicast stub
mls ip multicast threshold
mode bypass
mpls mldp
mpls mldp fec
mpls mldp filter
mpls mldp forwarding recursive
mpls mldp logging notifications
mpls mldp path


platform multicast oce flag suppress


router-guard ip multicast efps
router-guard ip multicast switchports


show ip dvmrp route
show ip igmp
show ip igmp groups
show ip igmp interface
show ip igmp membership
show ip igmp snooping
show ip igmp snooping explicit-tracking
show ip igmp snooping filter
show ip igmp snooping mrouter
show ip igmp snooping rate-limit
show ip igmp snooping statistics
show ip igmp static-group class-map
show ip igmp udlr
show ip mcache
show ip mfib
show ip mfib active
show ip mfib count
show ip mfib interface
show ip mfib status
show ip mfib summary
show ip mpacket
show ip mr proxy
show ip mrib client
show ip mrib route
show ip mrib route summary
show ip mrm interface
show ip mrm manager
show ip mrm status-report
show ip mroute
show ip msdp count
show ip msdp peer
show ip msdp rpf-peer
show ip msdp sa-cache
show ip msdp summary
show ip multicast
show ip multicast interface
show ip multicast redundancy state
show ip multicast redundancy statistics
show ip multicast rpf tracked
show ip multicast topology
show ip pgm host defaults
show ip pgm host sessions
show ip pgm host traffic
show ip pgm router
show ip pim boundary
show ip pim bsr-router
show ip pim interface
show ip pim mdt bgp
show ip pim mdt history
show ip pim mdt receive
show ip pim mdt send
show ip pim neighbor
show ip pim rp
show ip pim rp mapping
show ip pim rp-hash
show ip pim rp-hash (BSR)
show ip pim snooping
show ip pim tunnel
show ip pim vc
show ip rpf
show ip rpf events
show ip rpf select
show ip sap
show ip sdr
show ipv6 mfib
show ipv6 mfib active
show ipv6 mfib count
show ipv6 mfib global
show ipv6 mfib instance
show ipv6 mfib route
show ipv6 mfib status
show ipv6 mld
show ipv6 mld groups
show ipv6 mld host-proxy
show ipv6 mld ssm-map
show ipv6 mld traffic
show ipv6 mrib client
show ipv6 mrib route
show ipv6 mroute
show ipv6 mroute active
show ipv6 pim
show ipv6 pim anycast-RP
show ipv6 pim bsr
show ipv6 pim df
show ipv6 pim df winner
show ipv6 pim join-prune
show ipv6 pim limit
show ipv6 pim traffic
show ipv6 pim tunnel
show ipv6 rpf
show mls ip multicast
show mls ip multicast bidir
show mls ip multicast rp-mapping
show mls ip multicast sso
show mpls mldp bindings
show mpls mldp count
show mpls mldp database
show mpls mldp filter
show mpls mldp ha count
show mpls mldp ha database
show mpls mldp ha neighbors
show mpls mldp ha root
show mpls mldp interface
show mpls mldp label release
show mpls mldp neighbors
show mpls mldp root
show plat
show platform software multicast ip bidir
show platform software multicast ip capability
show platform software multicast ip complete
show platform software multicast ip connected
show platform software multicast ip partial
show platform software multicast ip source
show platform software multicast ip statistics
show platform software multicast ip summary
show platform software multicast ip vrf
show router-guard
snmp-server enable traps mvpn
snmp-server enable traps pim


tunnel udlr address-resolution
tunnel udlr receive-only
tunnel udlr send-only