Cisco Insight Reporter v2.0 User Guide
Application Monitoring
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Application Monitoring

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Application Monitoring




Application Monitoring

Revised: December 22, 2010, OL-24156-01


The application monitoring module performs the task of overload detection and load monitoring. It maintains the latest statistical counters for reports being run, scheduled, response times, and so on and sends email and logs appropriate errors if any statistics exceeds (or falls short of) its configured value.

Cisco Insightv2 components support common standards for server hardware, software monitoring, operation, and maintenance. The same information is viewable via WEB UI as well.

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You see various metrics about the current performance of the application and system on which the application is running.

Information that can be monitored is categorized in to the following categories and metrics:

User statistics such as:

Number of logged-in users

Number of reports per user session (min, max, and avg)

Favorite-reports per user (min, max, and avg)

Scheduled-reports per user (min, max, and avg)

Report performance statistics such as:

Report transactions (from each kind - user-generated and automatic)

Report response time (min, max, and avg)

Failed report transactions.

General performance and capacity such as:

CPU Utilization

Memory Utilization

To access and display the Performance tab, click the Monitoring icon on the module launcher. You see a screen shot similar to the following:

Figure 7-1 Performance Statistics


To access and display the Logging tab, click the Monitoring icon on the module launcher.

Using this tab, you can monitor the problems occurring in the system.

Figure 7-2 Logging Tab

You can also search logs based on following parameters:

Start and End date and time

Log message

Log priority