Device Manager GUI Guide vA5(2.1), Cisco ACE 4700 Series Application Control Engine Appliance
Using Homepage
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Using Homepage

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Using Homepage

Using Homepage

Homepage is a launching point for quick access to selected areas within Cisco Device Manager (DM). It allows you to have quick access to the following operations and guided setup tasks in DM:

Operational tasks that you can access:

The Real Servers table to view information for each configured real server, activate or suspend real servers listed in the table, or modify the server weight.

The Virtual Servers table to view information for each configured virtual server and to activate or suspend virtual servers listed in the table.

Monitoring—View the system dashboard for health, usage, and performance information related to the ACE appliance, and system traffic resource usage.

Guided setup tasks that you can launch:

The Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE) Hardware Setup task to configure ACE devices that are new to the network by establishing network connectivity in either standalone or high-availability (HA) deployments.

The Virtual Context Setup task to create and connect an ACE virtual context.

The Application Setup task to configure end-to-end load-balancing for your application.

Configuration—Tasks that allow you to configure system attributes for a virtual context, and control a user's access to the ACE.

Documentation—Quick links to DM and ACE appliance user documentation on, and the local ACE appliance toolpage.

The DM Homepage (see Figure 2-1) is the first page that appears in DM after you log in.

Figure 2-1 Homepage Window

Table 2-1 identifies the Homepage links, associated pages in DM, and related topics that can be found in this document.

Table 2-1 Homepage Links 

Homepage Link
DM Page
Related Topics

Operational Tasks

Manage Real Servers

Config > Operations > Real Servers

Managing Real Servers

Manage Virtual Servers

Config > Operations > Virtual Servers

Managing Virtual Servers



Monitor > Virtual Contexts > Dashboard > System Dashboard

ACE System Dashboard

Resource Usage Summary

Monitor > Virtual Contexts > Resource Usage >Connections

Monitoring System Traffic Resource Usage

Guided Setup

Configure ACE Hardware

Config > Guided Setup > ACE Hardware Setup