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Password Recovery Procedure for Cisco Unity Connection

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Updated: Dec 21, 2011



This document describes how to recover a password on a Cisco Unity Connection system. This can be used to change the System Administrator (SA) or Telephone User Interface (TUI) password (by using the correct value for the CredentialType parameter) for any user on the system as long as you have local access to the box and read/write access to SQL.



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Step-by-Step Procedure

A stored procedure is used to change the password (either the SA or the TUI PIN). Complete these steps in order to do this:

  1. Open up a database viewer.

    You can use CUDLE in this case since it ships on every Cisco Unity/Cisco Unity Connection installation. CUDLE is located in the Tools Depot under the Diagnostic Tools section.

  2. Get the ObjectID of the user you want to change the password/PIN for.

    In this case, go to the vw_User view, find the Administrator and right-click on the ObjectID column in order to select and copy it to the clipboard.

  3. Choose View > Stored Procedures.

  4. Select the csp_CredentialModify stored procedure and press the Execute button.

    A dialog box appears that displays each parameter. You can read about what each parameter does and what the stored procedures do in the data dictionary view on the stored procedure page. You need to check these three parameters:

    • Make sure that the CredentialType is 3 (for SA access).

    • Check that the strCredentials field is an unencrypted password. (It is encrypted for you by the stored process.)

    • Verify the UserOBjectId you copied in step 2.

  5. Press Execute in order to finish this procedure.

If you cannot reset the password for Unity Connection Administration using the previous steps, then complete these steps:

  1. Download the Administrator Password Reset Tool from the Cisco Unity Tools Depot.

    Note: This tool resets the Web access password for any account on a Cisco Unity Connection system. If someone has changed the Administrator account password or it is locked out, this tool resets it to gain access to the SA again.

  2. Place the files pwreset.bat and pwreset.js from the ZIP in the C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\Cisco Unity Connection\TechTools folder on the Cisco Unity Connection server.

  3. Open a command prompt, and change directories to the connection installation location TechTools directory.

  4. Enter pwreset.

  5. Press Enter/Return.

    Note: You must supply quotes around your password if you use a comma in your password. Otherwise, special characters should work.

Unlock Unity Connection Administrator Account

The issue is not being able to login to the Cisco Unity Connection version 1.2(1) admin page to reset the password.


Set to techtools directory after you open the CLI window and run this command: dbreset <alias> <password>. This will help you access the Cisco Unity Connection admin page with the new password.

Recover Unity Connection Password

Unity Connection 7.x runs on a MCS 7845 Server. The password for the Unity Connection Administrator is lost. However, the password for Unified OS Administrator is known. These steps show how the Unity Connection password can be recovered:

  1. Login to the CLI of the server with the Unified OS administrator credentials.

  2. Enter show account. This displays the accounts in the system and you receive the username.

    Admin: show account
    Account = Administrator, Privilege = 4
  3. Issue the utils cuc reset password <username> command, where <username> is the username of the account used for the Unity Connection administration page that needs the password.

    Admin: utils cuc reset password Administrator
    Update failed: Code = 1, Authorization Failure.

This error received when you try to get a new password is because of one of these issues:

  • The password length is not correct for the new password. Always use 8 characters (can be letters or numbers).

  • The account you are trying to reset the password for is not a valid administrator account. In order to resolve this issue:

    1. Issue this commend via CLI: run cuc dbquery unitydirdb select alias from vw_usernonsubscriber.

    2. If you can get another username, then re-run the utils cuc reset password <username> command. This is the result:

      Password reset has been successful.

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Updated: Dec 21, 2011
Document ID: 68400