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View Agents Logged into CTI OS Sides

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Updated: Jun 19, 2013

Contributed by Qindi Bao, Cisco TAC Engineer.



This document describes a simple way to view which agents are logged in to a particular CTI OS side (side A or B).

View Agents Logged into CTI OS Sides

When it is necessary to see which agents are logged in a particular Computer Telephony Integration Object Server (CTI OS) side (side A or side B), you can use this easy method to view the agents currently logged in.

On the active CTI server, from the command prompt, enter:

C:\>procmon <instance_name> cg1a(b) ctisvr
>>>>clients /id CTIOSServer

Current CTI OS sessions are displayed as shown here:

>>>>clients /id CTIOSServer
 Session   Time  Ver Flags    ClientID         AgentID  AgentExt  Signature
       8   7 days 15   AUX    CTIOSServer                         CTIOSServer
     317 02:12:33 15   AUX    CTIOSServer                         CTIOSServer

In order to determine which agents are currently logged into CTI OS side B (session id = 8 and ip address = in this example) , enter the command ?dclient 8? and view the display as shown here:

>>>>dclient 8 

    SessionID=8 Version=15 State=OPEN(6) Services=0x1c0296(AUX) ClientID="CTIOSS
erver" Signature="CTIOSServer"
    HostName= HostAddress= HostPort=3787
    AgentExtension= AgentID= AgentInstrument=

 Associated Agents:
     AccociateAgentID=78912000 AssociatePeriph=5000
    AccociateAgentID=6001 AssociatePeriph=5000

    m_State=sessionOpen   sm_SessionsNow=6
    m_ClientVersion=15   m_IdleTimeout=2147483647   m_InvokeID=0x2(2)
    m_ServiceMask=0x1c0296   m_CallMSGMask=0xfffffff   m_AgentStateMask=0x3ff
    m_PeripheralID=5000   m_ClientID="CTIOSServer"   m_ClientSignature="CTIOSSer
    m_AgentID=""   m_AgentExtension=""   m_AgentInstrumentID=""
    m_RegisteredVariables: NULL (all ECC variables)
    m_DeviceID=   m_WasOpened=True   m_ApplicationCloseSent=False
    m_CloseStatus=0(E_CTI_NO_ERROR)   m_LastHeardFrom=17:13:37

    m_HostName=   m_HostAddress=   m_HostPort=3787
    m_BytesSent=160257023   m_BytesReceived=8250254
    m_ConnectionID=10   m_ConnectionSocket=708

Based on the output above, you can tell agents 78912000 and 6001 are logged into CTI OS side B.

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