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RSS Feeds for Hot Issues in Cisco TAC

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Updated: Mar 27, 2014



Many years ago, Cisco decided to publish its defect database on its public website in the form of the Bug Toolkit (registered customers only) . This was and is an unprecedented level of transparency on Cisco's part and is something not seen by any other major company in this industry. This information is used by Cisco's customers and partners every day to help determine the cause of problems they might be facing.

Cisco's Technical Assistance Center (TAC) also receives many service requests every day that are the result of a defect documented in this database. Cisco TAC also keeps track of which defects are the cause of service requests as they are closed. This knowledge of which defects currently cause the most issues for customers helps assist Cisco engineers in being aware of things to anticipate, and also helps increase awareness of problems that have already been solved. This has proven to be a valuable resource internally, and Cisco is now very proud to offer this information externally as well in the form of RSS feeds.

When working with TAC on a case that is attributed to a defect, make sure TAC attaches your case to the defect. Case attachment drives this tool which allows you, our customers, to drive the content. Ask your TAC engineer if your case has been linked to ensure that it is included in this tool.

You can subscribe to the feeds below using your favorite RSS reader and receive weekly updates on the hot issues that TAC is working on. Currently, Cisco only offers these feeds for Unified Communications products. Please provide your feedback using the feedback form on the right side of this page and let Cisco know if you find these useful or not. All feedback is welcome.



In order to view the RSS feeds, you can click on the link in your web browser or you can subscribe to the feed using an RSS reader. Here is a list of popular RSS readers that you can use:


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Usage Tips

  • Viewing the RSS feeds directly in a browser shows the most common customer issues at the top of the list. The limitation of this view is that all issues are always presented. For example, the first issue listed in the web page view of RSS is the issue that most customers encountered.

  • Viewing the RSS feeds in an RSS reader shows the new issues that arise each week. RSS readers present a delta each week so that only new issues are highlighted. Unfortunately, RSS reader loses sorting such that most common issues are not sorted in specific order. For example, last week there were 30 issues in the RSS feed, this week there are 30 issues in the feed. New issues will appear as new, or appear with this week's timestamp in RSS reader. This allows the user to quickly identify and scan the 5 issues that are new to the list this week. This is achieved by using the same GUID for each issue each time it is published. Some readers may interpret this differently.

Hot Issues RSS Feeds

Unified Communications Products

Note: These feeds are automatically updated on a weekly basis. Defects within the feeds are sorted by the number of new cases attached within the past 4 weeks.

icn_rss_16x16.gif Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager)

icn_rss_16x16.gif Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express

icn_rss_16x16.gif Cisco Unity

icn_rss_16x16.gif Cisco Unity Connection

icn_rss_16x16.gif Cisco Unity Express

icn_rss_16x16.gif Telephony Endpoints (Phones, IP Communicator, ATA, etc.)

icn_rss_16x16.gif Voice Operating Systems (Windows and Linux base Operating Systems for most Unified Communications products)

icn_rss_16x16.gif Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX)

icn_rss_16x16.gif Cisco Unified MeetingPlace

icn_rss_16x16.gif Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express

icn_rss_16x16.gif Cisco Voice Gateways

icn_rss_16x16.gif Cisco Unified Presence

icn_rss_16x16.gif Cisco Customer Voice Portal (CVP) and Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE)

Cisco Security Products

icn_rss_16x16.gif Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA)

icn_rss_16x16.gif Firewall Services Module (FWSM)

icn_rss_16x16.gif Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM)

Cisco VPN Products

icn_rss_16x16.gif IOS VPN

Cisco ACE Application Control Engine Products

icn_rss_16x16.gif ACE Application Control Engine

New!*** Cisco Wireless ***

icn_rss_16x16.gif Cisco Wireless

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Updated: Mar 27, 2014
Document ID: 100482