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Experiencing Choppy Sound when Using the PAP2

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Updated: Dec 12, 2008



What can I do to eliminate choppy sound on the PAP2?
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Q. What can I do to eliminate choppy sound on the PAP2?


Experiencing choppy sounds on the PAP2 indicates that you do not have enough upstream bandwidth in order to support your VoiP conversations. Most services use the G.711 CODEC, which requires 80kbps in each direction for each conversation.

If you only have, for example, 128kbps upstream and also have a game player, FTP session or some other function going on in your home while trying to have a phone conversation you could end up with your ATA not being able to get the bandwidth it needs to support the voice path. You could also check with your VoIP provider to see if they support any of the lower bandwidth codecs like G729/G723. In order to resolve experiencing choppy sound when using the PAP2, complete these steps:

Resolving Choppy Sound?

Step 1:
Access the PAP2's web-based setup page. For instructions, click here.

Step 2:
Make sure all the codecs are enabled under the Audio Configuration section under Line 1 of the PAP2.

Step 3:
Make a call by using the force codec selection * code, for example, the default for forcing the G729 codec is *02729. You can get all the codes on the Outbound Call Codec Selection Codes under the Regional tab.

Step 4:
Go through the entire list; the ones your VoIP provider supports will result in a successful call, others will cause invalid/reorder. Use trial and error with the ones that work and see which gives you the best sound quality.

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Updated: Dec 12, 2008
Document ID: 108750