Cisco VCO 4K Open Programmable Switches

VCO: What To Do If You Experience Echo Through Your VCO Network

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Updated: May 25, 2006



This document provides resources for users who experience echo through their Virtual Central Office (VCO) network.



There are no specific requirements for this document.

Components Used

The information in this document is based on these software and hardware versions:

  • Hardware: Cisco VCO4K, VCO20 and VCO80 products

  • Software: All Generics

The information in this document was created from the devices in a specific lab environment. All of the devices used in this document started with a cleared (default) configuration. If your network is live, make sure that you understand the potential impact of any command.


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Echo Cancellation

"Echo Cancellation" is not a feature of the VCO/4K. In long-distance transmission, be it through microwave, submarine cable, or satellite, echo is almost always present and an echo canceller must be introduced when the echo becomes noticeable.

Here is a source for echo canceller products: 2500 Series Echo Cancellers

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Updated: May 25, 2006
Document ID: 8521