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Opening VCO Cases on the Web Using the Case Open Tool

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Updated: Oct 31, 2008



Note: Thoroughly read this document before you proceed with using the CCO Case Open Tool.

This document offers the steps necessary in order to open a case against the Cisco Virtual Central Office (VCO) product line using the CCO Case Open Tool on the website.

When you perform these steps, your case is automatically routed to the Technical Support queue for the VCO product line in a matter of seconds, bypassing human Customer Response Center (CRC) intervention.

Note: Human Cisco CRC intervention is required when you open up a case via email or phone.

Consider opening all of your priority level 3 (P3) and priority level 4 (P4) cases using the CCO Case Open Tool. This saves you time over opening up a case through the Cisco CRC using email at, or using telephone. Refer to the Cisco Worldwide Contacts site for more information about contact telephone numbers and email addresses.

Note: You can also use the CCO Case Open Tool to open your priority level 1 (P1) and priority level 2 (P2) cases. See the Special Considerations section of this document for additional information.



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Step-by-step Instructions

Complete these steps:

  1. Open an Internet browser application.

  2. Go to the Cisco Technical Support page.

  3. Click the Login link at the top of the page. The Username and Password Required dialog box is displayed.

  4. Enter your username and password.

    Note: If you do not have a valid username and password, send email to or contact your Cisco Systems Account Representative.

  5. Click OK. You are now logged in.

  6. Go to the Technical Support Case Open (registered customers only) page.

    These sections provide a description of each field and how you need to fill it out.

Case Open (Step 1: Contact Information)

Enter all requested contact and contract information here.

Case Open (Step 2: Describe Your Problem)

Enter the relevant information as these subsections outline:

Technology (Required)

  1. Voice (VoIP, VoFR, VoATM, FAX, SS7)

  2. Voice: VCO/4K

Note: The acronyms in item 1 are defined as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Voice over Frame Relay (VoFR), Voice over Asynchronous Transfer Mode (VoATM), Fax, and Signaling System 7 (SS7).

Note: Use the pull down menus to set the Technology fields exactly as this document shows to ensure that this case submittal gets automatically routed to the proper TAC Team Queue. In this case, the proper TAC Team Queue is the TAC Team that is responsible for the VCO product line.

Problem Summary (Required)

Select a pull down item if it matches your problem. If there are no matching problem summaries then click on the radio bar for the second box and enter the title of your case.

Note: It is important to use the pull down menus to describe your problem if you can. This results in the best matching information provided to you. The objective is to direct you to information that helps you to resolve your problem in a timely manner without having to wait for human intervention.

Software Version

Specify your version of Generic software (do not enter your SS7 version, if any). Possible Generic selection values are 5.1, 5.0, 4.2, 4.1, 4.2, 4.0, and 3.x. Also type in the specific Generic Release number here (for example, V5.1.3).

Problem Description (Required)

Enter as much information into this box as you believe is necessary to properly describe your problem. Include the symptoms of the problem along with relevant debugging steps and commands you have used.

Other Fields

Enter this optional information in the remaining fields:

  • Product Serial Number

  • Router/Node Name

  • End-Customer case tracking # with your company

  • PICA ID (if applicable)

  • End-Customer Case Create Date with your company

  • End-Customer Email Id

Case Open (Step 3: Click the Next Button)

Another screen is presented to you that gives you the opportunity to read information from the TAC that is provided to you based on the information you have already entered.

Special Considerations

Note these special considerations when you use the CCO Case Open Tool.

Submittal Errors

If you get an error message back after you click Submit ("Contract not found" or "User not found," for example), then no case opens on your behalf. If this happens, send an email to with details of the error. You also need to open up the case through the Cisco CRC by either sending an email to them at, or calling them. Refer to Cisco Worldwide Contacts for Technical Support.

Change/Raise the Priority of a Case

All successful CCO Case Open submittals are set to P3 and are automatically routed to the TAC queue for the VCO product line. If you need P1 or P2 handling, call the TAC CRC nearest you after you open the case to request that the priority be raised.

See if Your CCO Case Open Tool Submittal is Successful or Not Successful

You know that a CCO Case Open submittal is successfully auto-routed to the TAC queue for the VCO product line because the CCO Case Open Tool immediately returns to you a case number on the web page. Make note of this case number.

If for some reason your CCO profile is not correctly linked to proper contract/site information, then the CCO Case Open submittal that you submit is auto-routed, but auto-routed to the queue for human CRC intervention instead. In this situation, the CCO Case Open does not automatically generate a case number for you. A CRC representative manually checks for proper contact/site information, routes the case to the TAC queue for the VCO product line, and notifies you with the case number via email.

Properly Type Text into Text Box Margins

Ensure text box margins are not exceeded and all lines in the Problem Description end with a carriage return.

Send the VCO TAC More Information

If you need to provide more information, (log files, core files) email the information to and reference the case number. Please zip/compress all files over 1 MB in size.


Cisco Systems makes no guarantees that the information provided reaches us, in whole or in part. Cisco Systems disclaims any responsibility for this method of updating cases or liability that results from its use.

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Updated: Oct 31, 2008
Document ID: 15278