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Recovering Real Time

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Updated: Oct 06, 2005



If a switch node (IGX or BPX) is consuming a lot of real-time (80 to 90 percent), you can use the cnfrobparm command to reconfigure and recover some of this real-time.



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cnfrobparm <index> <value>

Where <index> specifies the parameter to configure and <value> specifies a new value to be entered for the parameter.


This SuperUser command is used to set the timers associated with robust alarms. Robust Alarms is a protocol for node-to-NMS communications. These parameters tell the software how often to execute the robust state machine and how long to wait between messages.

Robust Communications Parameters

No. Parameter Description Default
1 Robust State wakeup timer (sec.) This state machine comes to life once per second (default). If this timer is increased, it operates less often and places less of a load on the node processor. 10 sec.
2 Robust update timer (sec.) Once a message has been sent to the NMS, another one will not be sent before this timer expires. 10 sec.
3 Robust acknowledgment timeout (sec.) An acknowledgment must be returned by the NMS within this time period or it is assumed the communications link is down. 300 sec.
4 Robust acknowledgment reset timeout (sec.) When the link has gone down and is subsequently repaired, the next message will be sent after this timeout. Provides a settling time for the link. 60 sec.

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Updated: Oct 06, 2005
Document ID: 10778