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Adding Connections on an IGX or IPX as a Feeder

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Updated: Oct 06, 2005



This document describes how to add connections on an IGX or IPX as a feeder.



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Components Used

The information in this document is based on the following hardware:

  • Broadband Network Interface (BNI)/Broadband Switch Module (BXM)

  • Broadband Trunk Module (BTM)/Universal Switching Module (UXM)

  • Frame Relay Module (FRM)/Universal Frame Relay Module Unchannelized (UFMU)

The information presented in this document was created from devices in a specific lab environment. All of the devices used in this document started with a cleared (default) configuration. If you are working in a live network, ensure that you understand the potential impact of any command before using it.


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Related Product

This document can also be used with Cisco IGX wide-area switches.


How to add a connection on an IGX or IPX as a feeder.


The solution(s) to this problem are explained in detail below. Adding connections on an IGX/IPX feeder is similar to adding connections on an MGX 8220 shelf in that you need to add the feeder segments and the network segment. This document is assumed the IGX has been successfully added as a shelf to BPX. Refer to the IGX Configuration Summary section in Chapter 3: Card Installation and Node Startup of Cisco IGX 8400 Series Installation and Configuration, Release 9.2 to configure an IGX switch as an Interface shelf.

Complete the following steps to add a connection an an IGX or IPX as a feeder:

  1. Use the addcon FR-slot.port.dlci local-nodename BTM/UXM-slot.vpi1.vci1 command, where FR-slot is a Frame Relay card, and BTM/UXM-slot is a BTM or UXM card, to add feeder segment 1.

  2. Use the addcon BNI/BXM-slot.port.vpi1.vci1 remote-nodename BNI/BXM-slot.port.vpi2.vci2 command, where BNI/BXM-slot is either a BNI or a BXM card, to add the network segment.

  3. Use the addcon BTM/UXM-slot.vpi2.vci2 local-nodename FR-slot.port.dlci command, where BTM/UXM-slot is a BTM or a UXM card, and FR-slot is a Frame Relay card to add feeder segment 2.

    Note: The vpi and vci need to match only at the segment on the local interface shelf. Apart from this requirement, the vpi.vci on segment 1 can also be the same as the vci.vpi on segment 2.

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Updated: Oct 06, 2005
Document ID: 10772