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Adding Shares on the NSS2000

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Updated: Jan 26, 2009



This article is one in a series to assist in the setup, troubleshooting, and maintenance of Cisco Small Business products (formerly Linksys Business Series).

Q. How do I add Shares to my NSS2000?


Adding Shares on the NSS2000

Step 1:
Access the web interface of the NSS2000. For instructions on how to access the web interface, click�here .

Step 2:
Once logged in, click on Shares > Shares. Click on Create Share under the File Shares section.

Step 3:
Configure the required fields on the New Share section.

Share Name - enter the desired name for the created share.
Location - select from the drop-down menu on which RAID and Volume the share will be saved.
Comment - enter a comment for the created share. This field is optional.
Share Attributes - choose whether the share can be used for Public, Read-Only and DFS Root or all.
CIFS Default File Creation Attributes - choose whether Everyone Readable or Everyone Writable or both.
Options - allows user to delete and rename other users' file and folders
Protocol - choose whether CIFS, NFS, or FTP or all.

Step 4:
On the Share Access Privileges, you can specify the Read or Read/Write access for each user or groups.

Select the user from the Users list and click > on either Read-Only Users or Read-Write Users to choose the access rights for the specified user.

The same configuration applies for the Groups created.

Step 5:
Click OK to add the Share created.

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Updated: Jan 26, 2009
Document ID: 109522