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KVM Does Not Launch After Upgrade of UCS C220 M3 Servers to 1.5(1b) Problem Resolution

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Updated: Apr 02, 2013

Contributed by Andreas Nikas, Cisco TAC Engineer.



This document provides resolutions for keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) console launch issues after upgrade of Unified Computing Systems (UCS) C220 M3 Rack Mount Servers to 1.5(1b).



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After upgrade of UCS C220 M3 Rack Mount Servers to 1.5(1b), you might experience a situation where you cannot launch the KVM console. When you click on the KVM button, there is no warning or failure message. The Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP) files are downloaded to the PC, but they do not trigger the java application to open because they are not associated to it.

How to Resolve the Issue

In order to resolve this issue, you must associate your JNLP files with the Java Web Start application. This document shows you how to do this on MAC and on Windows 2008 platforms.

Resolution Steps on a MAC

Use these steps to resolve this issue on a MAC.

  1. Click on the KVM icon in the UCS Cisco Integrated Management Controller (CIMC) and locate the .jnlp file on your PC. It looks similar to this:


    As shown in this example, the file typically contains the IP address of the Cisco UCS. In this example, the PC saves these files to the My Downloads folder, based on the preferences in the browser.

  2. When you locate the file, right-click the file and choose Open With and then select Other.


  3. This opens another window where you can choose the Java file to these .jnlp files.


    You should now be able to launch the KVM from your CIMC.

  4. If you continue to have an issue, right-click the .jnlp file and click Get Info.


  5. This opens another window. Click Open with, then click Other. Then, go to Step 3 again.


Resolution Steps on Windows 2008

On a Windows-based PC, the issue is the same. The Java .jnlp files run in the Java Web Start application, which is included with the Java install.

  1. In Windows 2008, click Start and navigate to Control Panel > Java. This opens Java Control Panel window.


  2. Click on the Advanced tab at the top of the Java Control Panel.

  3. Verify that the Java Plug-in is enabled. (Reload the browser, if needed.)

  4. Click the + to expand JNLP File/MIME Association and verify that Always allow or Prompt user is selected. If not, then make the change and reload the browser.

    You should now be able to run your KVM.

    Note: You can also open the file with the Javaws.exe program.

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Updated: Apr 02, 2013
Document ID: 116034