Cisco Secure Access Control Server for Unix

Necessary Modifications When Changing the IP Address of the Cisco Secure Server

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Updated: Jan 19, 2006



This document provides details for the necessary modifications when changing the IP address of the Cisco Secure (CS) AAA server.



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Information and Steps

There are five places where you need to make modifications if you change the address of the Cisco Secure AAA server.

Note: BASEDIR = Directory where CiscoSecure is installed.

Complete these steps:

  1. $BASEDIR/CSU/libdb.conf

    Change the IP_Addr value to the new IP address.

  2. $BASEDIR/config/CSU.cfg

    Change the value for the "STRING config_server_ip_address" parameter to the new IP address.

  3. $BASEDIR/ns-home/admserv/ns-admin.conf

    Change the value for the address parameter to the new IP address.

  4. $BASEDIR/utils/sql.scripts/


    Perform a search and replace to replace the old IP address with the new IP addresses on these two files. These files are not used in production, but you can change them for completeness.

    It is also recommended that you have hostname resolution completely configured using either hosts files or DNS. Configuring the hostname resolution ensures that all machines can resolve each other's names to the new IP address.

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Updated: Jan 19, 2006
Document ID: 28326