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High-risk File Types in ProtectLink Gateway Email Protection

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Updated: Dec 12, 2008



What file types are considered high-risk in ProtectLink Gateway Email Protection?
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This article is one in a series to assist in the setup, troubleshooting, and maintenance of Cisco Small Business products (formerly Linksys Business Series).

Q. What file types are considered high-risk in ProtectLink Gateway Email Protection?


The following file types are considered high-risk:

True File Type

  • com
  • exe
  • dll
  • java byte code
  • self-extracting compressed files
  • midi
  • mp3
  • mpeg
  • msvideo
  • quicktime
  • voc
  • wav



  • midi
  • mp3
  • wav


  • mpeg
  • msvideo
  • quicktime


  • .386 Windows Enhanced Mode Driver or Swap File
  • .ACM Audio Compression Manager Driver (Windows) and Windows System File
  • .ASP Active Server Page
  • .AVB Anti-Virus Virus Infected File
  • .BAT Batch Porcessing
  • .BIN Binary File
  • .CGI Common Gateway Interface
  • .CHM Compiled Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) file
  • .CLA Java Class File (usually .CLASS but can be shortened)
  • .CMD OS/2, WinNT Command File, DOS CP/M Command File, dBase II Program File
  • .CNV MS Word Data Conversion File
  • .COM Executable File
  • .CS* Corel Script
  • .DLL Dynamic Link Library
  • .DRV Device Driver
  • .EXE Executable File
  • .GMS Corel Global Macro Storage
  • .HLP Windows Help File
  • .HTA Hypertext Application (run apps from HTML doc)
  • .HTM, and .HTML HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
  • .HTT Hypertext Template
  • .INF Information or Setup File
  • .INI Initialization file (many)
  • .JS*, JS or JSE JavaScript Source Code
  • .LNK Linker File, Windows Shortcut File
  • .MHT* MS MHTML Document (Archived Web Page)
  • .MPD Mini Port Driver
  • .OCX Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Control Extension
  • .OPO Output Executable File
  • .OV* Program Overlay File (.OVL)
  • .PHP Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) file with Personal Home Page (PHP) Script
  • .PIF Windows Program Information File
  • .PL Source Code File (Perl)
  • .PRC Resource (text or program) File (3Com PalmPilot)
  • .REG Windows Registry File
  • .SCR Screen Saver Script
  • .SH Shell Script (Unix)
  • .SHS Shell Scrip Object File
  • .SYS System Device Driver
  • .TLB Remote Automation Truelib Files
  • .TSP Windows Telephony Service Provider
  • .VBS Visual Basic Script
  • .VBE Visual Basic Script Encrypted
  • .VXD Virtual Device Driver
  • .WBS Webexpress Website File
  • .WBT WinBatch Script

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Updated: Dec 12, 2008
Document ID: 108924