Cisco 7000 Series Routers

ROMmon Recovery Procedure for the 7000 (RP) Series

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Updated: Jan 30, 2006



This document describes how to recover a 7000 (RP) Series Router stuck in ROMmon (rommon # > prompt).



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Components Used

This document is not restricted to specific software and hardware versions.

The outputs used in this document were tested on the Cisco 7000 router with RP module.

The information in this document was created from the devices in a specific lab environment. All of the devices used in this document started with a cleared (default) configuration. If your network is live, make sure that you understand the potential impact of any command.


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ROMmon Recovery Procedure


Follow the instructions provided below:

  1. Issue the dev command to see which devices are available on your router:

    Devices in device table:
            id  name
        flash:  internal flash 
  2. Issue the dir [device ID] command, and look for a valid Cisco IOS® software image:

    >dir flash: 
             File size            Checksum     File name 
     4105078 bytes (0x3EA376)     0x9D5F       gs7-j-mz.111-30.CA.bin 
     26545 bytes (0x67B1)         0xD93F       crashinfo 
  3. If you find a Cisco IOS software image, try to boot the router using the i command:

    System Bootstrap, Version 11.1(12), SOFTWARE Copyright (c) 
    1986-1997 by cisco Systems
    RP1 processor with 16384 Kbytes of main memory 
    F3: 8552+3996660+165008 at 0x1000 
    Self decompressing the image : #######################...
  4. If the router still doesn't boot, then the image is corrupted. You need to download a new one using one of the following procedures:

Download using the Boot Image and a Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) Server

The 7000 with RP has a boot image in ROM. This boot image is actually a full Cisco IOS software image, unlike most other routers. It should always be possible to boot it. If not, consider the possibility of a hardware failure.

See How to Upgrade from ROMmon Using the Boot Image for the detailed instructions.

Use Another Router to Get a Valid Cisco IOS Software Image into the PCMCIA Card

In the event that you have another similar router, or at least one other router which has a compatible PCMCIA Flash card filesystem (see PCMCIA Filesystem Compatibility Matrix), you can also use that Flash card to recover the router.

  • If both routers are identical (same series), you can use the Flash card from the other router to boot the one you want to recover. You can then download a valid image the standard way (see Software Installation and Upgrade Procedures). Cisco 7000 routers run their Cisco IOS software from dynamic RAM (DRAM), so you can remove a PCMCIA card while the router is running.

  • If both routers are different, but have a compatible PCMCIA Flash card filesystem, you can use the other router to load a Cisco IOS software image into a Flash card, which you can then move to the router you are trying to recover.

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Updated: Jan 30, 2006
Document ID: 15081