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CAB-530 MT Serial Cable Specifications


This document provides the technical and cable specifications for the CAB-530MT serial cable.



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CAB-530MT Serial Cable Assembly

The cable gender for this product (part number 72-0797-01) is Male DB-60 to Male DB-25, mode - DTE only.


The CAB-530MT cable is used in the Cisco 7000 family, Cisco 4000 series, Cisco 3600 series, Cisco 2500 series, Cisco 1600 series, Cisco access servers, and AccessPro PC cards. This cable has a male DB-60 connector on the Cisco end and a male DB-25 connector on the network end.


EIA-530 DTE Cable Pinouts (DB-60 to DB-25)

The table below shows the EIA-530 DTE cable pinouts (DB-60 to DB-25).

Note: The arrows indicate signal direction:

  • ---> indicates DTE to DCE

  • <--- indicates DCE to DTE

60 Pin1 Signal 25 Pin Signal Direction DTE DCE2
J1-11 J1-12 TxD/RxD+ TxD/RxD- J2-2 J2-14 BA(A), TxD+ BA(B), TxD- ---> --->
J1-28 J1-27 RxD/TxD+ RxD/TxD- J2-3 J2-16 BA(A), RxD+ BB(B), RxD- <--- <---
J1-9 J1-10 RTS/CTS+ RTS/CTS- J2-4 J2-19 CA(A), RTS+ CA(B), RTS- ---> --->
J1-1 J1-2 CTS/RTS+ CTS/RTS- J2-5 J2-13 CB(A), CTS+ CB(B), CTS- <--- <---
J1-3 J1-4 DSR/DTR+ DSR/DTR- J2-6 J2-22 CC(A), DSR+ CC(B), DSR- <--- <---
J1-46 J1-47 Shield_GND MODE_2 J2-1 - Shield - Shorted
J1-48 J1-49 GND MODE_1 - - - - Shorted
J1-5 J1-6 DCD/DCD+ DCD/DCD- J2-8 J2-10 CF(A), DCD+ CF(B), DCD- <--- <---
J1-24 J1-23 TxC/RxC+ TxC/RxC- J2-15 J2-12 DB(A), TxC+ DB(B), TxC- <--- <---
J1-26 J1-25 RxC/TxCE+ RxC/TxCE- J2-17 J2-9 DD(A), RxC+ DD(B), RxC- <--- <---
J1-44 J1-45 LL/DCD Circuit_GND J2-18 J2-7 LL Circuit_ GND ---> -
J1-7 J1-8 DTR/DSR+ DTR/DSR- J2-20 J2-23 CD(A), DTR+ CD(B), DTR- ---> --->
J1-13 J1-14 TxCE/TxC+ TxCE/TxC- J2-24 J2-11 DA(A), TxCE+ DA(B), TxCE- ---> --->

1Any pin not referenced is not connected.

2The EIA-530 interface cannot be operated in DCE mode. A DCE cable is not available for the EIA-530 interface.

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