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Cisco BSTUN/BSC/Bisync Hardware Support Levels

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Updated: Nov 12, 2006



This document provides the sets of platforms, interfaces, and related Cisco IOS® Software Releases that support Block Serial Tunnel (BSTUN), binary synchronous communication (BSC), and Binary Synchronous Communication Protocol (Bisync).



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Hardware Support Table

Cisco Platform Interface (if applicable) Cisco IOS Software Support
1720 12.0(2)T
2500 10.3
2600 WIC-1T WIC-2T WIC-2AS NM-4AS NM-8AS 11.3(2)XA 11.3(3)T
3600 11.1(7)AA 11.2(5)P
3810 12.0.2aT1
4000 4500 4700 NP4T 10.3
NP-2T16S-RS232 NP-2T16S-V.35 11.2(3)P
7200 PA-4T+ PA-8T 11.2(7)P
1600 11.2(6.4)P

Note: The PA-4T does not support BSC; you must have a PA-4T+. There is no upgrade path from the PA-4T to the PA-4T+.

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Updated: Nov 12, 2006
Document ID: 55518