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Cisco IOS NAT Feature Matrix

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Updated: Feb 10, 2010



This document provides the Cisco IOS® NAT Technology Feature Matrix with the Cisco IOS platforms comparison as of Cisco IOS Software Release 15.0(1)M.



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NAT Feature Matrix

Cisco IOS NAT features and advanced features with supported platforms are shown in these tables.

Table 1 summarizes the NAT feature set and supported Cisco IOS platforms.

S.No. NAT Features IOS 15.0(1)M IOS SXH / SXI IOS 12.2(18)SXF
1 Basic NAT (static, static-port, static-network, dynamic-acl / route-map with or without overload and for interface / pool, translation-timeouts) Yes Yes Yes
2 1-1 Static Yes Yes Yes
3 1-1 Dynamic Yes Yes Yes
4 Bi-Directional (overlapping) NAT Yes Yes Yes
5 NAT performance enhancements (CEF entry/creation and and timer-wheel support) Yes Yes No
6 Autoaliasing of Pool Address Yes Yes Yes
7 Inside Destination NATing/TCP session Load Balancing Yes Yes Yes
8 Writing NAT Translations to the Syslog Yes Yes Yes
9 NAT Routemap nameshare Yes No No
10 NAT Static Redundancy support Yes Yes No
11 NAT Routemap reversible Yes No No
12 NAT Dynamic Routemap Yes Yes Yes
13 NAT Static Routemap Yes Yes No
14 NAT Default Inside Server (static -> interface) Yes Yes No
15 NAT Limit (basic max-entries) Yes Yes Yes
16 NAT Limit (beyond max-entries) Yes Yes No
17 NAT Fragmentation Yes Yes Yes
18 NAT ALG IP-Fragmention (VFR) Yes No No
19 NAT No-payload support (static) NAT No-Payload support (Dynamic) Yes Supported added in 15.1(2)T Yes No No No
20 NAT MPLS support Yes No No
21 NAT VRF support Yes No No
22 NAT Match-in-vrf support Yes No No
23 NAT Preserving address for PAT Yes Yes Yes
24 NAT option to turn-off preserving of address for PAT Yes No No
25 NAT option to turn-off flow-entry Yes Yes No
26 NAT add-route option Yes No No
27 NAT match-host/host number preservation Yes Yes Yes
28 NAT Rotary Yes Yes Yes
29 NAT non-standard port FTP Yes Yes Yes
30 NAT Multicast Yes Yes Yes
31 NAT – EzVPN Yes No No
32 NAT DNS ALG Yes Yes for UDP. No for TCP Yes for UDP. No for TCP
33 NAT PPTP ALG Yes Yes Yes
34 NAT NBNS ALG Yes Yes Yes
35 NAT NBDS ALG Yes Yes Yes
36 NAT FTP ALG (for both passive and active FTP) Yes Yes Yes
38 NAT TFTP ALG Yes Yes Yes
39 NAT RShell ALG Yes Yes Yes
40 NAT Real Audio ALG Yes Yes Yes
41 NAT VDOlive Yes Yes Yes
42 NAT VXtreme ALG Yes Yes Yes
43 NAT Streamworks ALG Yes Yes Yes
44 ICMP Yes Yes Yes
45 NAT DNS Turn on/off Knob Yes No No
46 NAT LDAP append-search-result option Yes No No
47 NAT-DNS-Reset-TTL Yes No No
48 NAT LDAP ALG Yes Yes Yes

Table 2 summarizes NAT advanced features and Cisco IOS supported platforms.

S.No. NAT Advanced Features IOS 15.0(1)M IOS SXH / SXI IOS 12.2(18)SXF
1 NAT NBAR supported ALGs like MGCP, RTSP ALG Yes No No
2 NAT SCCP (Skinny) ALG (which includes the TCP segmentation support, even-port, non-standard port support) Yes No No
3 NAT SIP ALGs (which includes even-port, UDP support, non-standard port support) Yes No No
4 NAT H323 ALGs (which includes the TCP segmentation support, even-port, keepalive) - H225 / H245 / RAS Yes No No
5 NAT User configured Portrange Yes No No
6 NAT Session Border Controller (SBC) for SIP Yes No No
7 NAT Media path optimization (Piggyback) for SIP Yes No No
8 NAT - IPSec spi-match and non-spi-match Yes Yes No
9 NAT-IPSec ISAKMP Port-Preservation Yes No No
10 NAT OER Yes No No
11 Stateful NAT (NAT proprietary HA) No No No
12 NAT-PT (IPv6<->IPv4) Yes No No
13 NAT WLAN support (Accounting and ARP-Ping) Yes No No
14 NAT Symmetric Port Support Yes No No
15 NAT NVI Yes No No
16 NAT Multipart SDP support for SIP Yes No No
17 NAT Full-range Support Yes No No
18 NAT Port-Randomization support for header-traffic Yes No No

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Updated: Feb 10, 2010
Document ID: 111647