MGBT1 MGBLH1 and MGBSX1: MiniGBIC Module Information

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Updated: May 29, 2009



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Q. What are the different MiniGBIC connection types and their features?

A. MiniGBIC modules, more commonly known as SFP (Small form Factor Pluggable) modules, are hot pluggable media converters.

Model Media Type Max Range (3) Wavelength (nm) Connector
MFEBX1 (1) SMF (2) 20 km Tx 1310 / Rx 1550 LC
MFEFX1 MMF 2 km 850 LC
MFELX1 SMF 10 km 1310 LC
MGBBX1 (1) SMF (2) 20 km Tx 1310 / Rx 1490 LC
MGBLX1 (1) SMF 10 km 1310 LC
MGBLH1 SMF 40 km 1310 LC
MGBSX1 MMF 500 m 850 / LC
MGBT1 Cat 5e UTP 100 m n/a RJ45

(1) Available Q2 2009.

(2) Support simplex fiber only (single strand).

(3) Distances will vary based on fiber plant and operating environment.

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Updated: May 29, 2009
Document ID: 109766