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How to determine the Length of Time a BPX BCC Processor Has Been Active

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Updated: Oct 04, 2005



This document discusses how long a BPX Broadband Controller Card (BCC) has been active.



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Determine How Long a BPX BCC Processor Has Been Active

The most accurate method is to locate the switchcc in the event log, or examine a StrataView Plus (SV+) log, if available. If these are not available, there is a service-level command that you can use to calculate how long the BCC has been active.

The arbstats command displays information about the arbiter in the BCC. While it is possible to clear these statistics (with the arbstats c command), most nodes have never had their arbiter statistics cleared unless a serious arbiter problem was suspected at some time.

The Sample count field displays the number of seconds that the arbiter has been operational.

STBPX-2     VT  Cisco        BPX 8620  9.3.47    Apr. 26 2005 09:29 GMT

                   Samples of the arbiter registers
  Revision:                   9
  Status:                    OK

                         Total statistics        Interval statistics
  Bad parity address:         0                       0
  Parity Errors:              0                       0
  Inv. Pri. Addresses:        0                       0
  Bad prim addr(dest/src)     0/   0                  0/   0
  Inv. Sec. Addresses:        0                       0
  Bad sec addr(dest/src):     0/   0                  0/   0
  Inv. MC requests:           0                       0
  Sample count:           87836                       1

Last Command: arbstats

To calculate the number of days, divide the count by 86400 seconds per day.

To calculate the number hours, divide the count by 3600 seconds per hour.

Thus, the example BCC has been operational for ~1.017 days (~24.399 hours).

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Updated: Oct 04, 2005
Document ID: 10779