Cisco WAN Switching Modules

Field Notice: Removal of W1 from the IMATM-B Port Cards in the Field 11

October 14, 1997

RCN Number


Products Affected

All IMATM-B cards.

Problem Description

An IMATM-B card may "hang" and not pass data.


The IMATM-B has a jumper labeled "W1" which should be removed. Several manufacturing runs of these cards were shipped with W1 installed which disables a Watchdog Timer. With W1 removed the Watchdog Timer is enabled and the "hung" card will reset itself and restore traffic continuity without external intervention. "Hung" cards with W1 still installed can be restored to operation by resetting the card.

Note: A maintenance window be set for the removal of W1 from the IMATM-B cards unless the IMATM-B is displaying signs of being "hung", such as not passing traffic. No other action is needed.

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